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Latest Java update

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Hi, My Firefox plug-in check is telling me that there is an update for Java, but when I visit the link it's still taking me to the old update (the Java 7 update 9). Also, according to the Java test page, Java 7u9 is still showing that it's the latest...it says I have the recommended version.

Is there an newer update somewhere?


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It looks as though the issue has been fixed. When checked my plug-ins this evening, the 7u9 had corrected itself and is now displaying the actual update (7u10).

I've uninstalled the 7u9 completely and everything is checking out on FF! :)

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Well now I get to jump into this thread. Been fighting this problem all day. I received a message today that my java plugin has been removed. Strangely, I still have the Java Deployment Toolkit plugin as showing up and saying it is now up to date. This was not the case yesterday. However the Java 7U10 has been installed and works in IE only. It does not show up in the about:plugins or add-ons plugin page. And I have done the whole reset thing.

The Java update page tells me in FF, Chrome, Opera (all latest verions) I "Java is not working" (duh) and wants to start me through my 12th re-install of the day. If I visit in IE it tells me I am OK. If I visit a Java application in IE it will work but Firefox 17.01, Opera 12 and Updated Chrome give me the same "a plugin is missing" crap.

My control panel shows Java 7 update 10 and I have cleanly uninstalled and then re-installed several times and re-booted once.

Yesterday, I was addressing the whole stupid plugin-check page in another thread about the same issue, which had come right on the heels of the Flash Update issue (which was the same thing).

FF, I don't know what is going on, but I am upset of your habit of deciding what is unsafe for me and disabling it without my consent or ability to override the decision. And Java...this is real swift of you! You don't recognize your own software unless IE visits you? I am going insane.

Edit: I forgot to note that if I disable the Java Deployment Toolkit FF will say "missing java? upgrade, whatever, whatever" but if I enable it it will tell me everything is peachy...but nothing works.

Изменено Axis

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Glad to see this isn't happening to only just me.

I've come here after using Google, figured Mozilla Support would be the best first place to visit, so here I am.

Well, how should I begin?

I used to be running the latest Java with no problems, except in the addons list it's say I had version 7 update 5. I probably should've left it alone because it was being detected and verified and tested just fine on Java's pages, and kind of sort the Mozilla plug in checker site.

But since it seems to be reported as a problem in Firefox's addons list, I've tried the usual basics: I've completely uninstalled the latest version 7 update 10 and tried restarting my computer and re-installing Java, except now my Java acts like there's something wrong with the installation in Firefox.

Repeatedly downloaded latest version of Java, made sure it was the right full file and latest version, reinstalled, nothing... acts broken in Firefox now. Worked fine before I started getting curious after reading this support article, except Firefox's addon list claiming it's outdated when it really never was.

So now after a bit of further searching I'm sitting here on version 7 update 9 which behaves properly and normally. Don't plan to update until this is resolved. Updating to 10 on top of 9 just breaks it again. 9 seems to be a bit more stable at this moment.

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My problem is neither Firefox, Opera or Chrome will let me get 7u9. It loads and then right at the end says it fails and prompts for manual download which takes me back in a vicious circle to 7u10.

Since 7u10 only works on IE9, I am thinking the problem is either Java's or Windows.

I have gone insane over this stuff. I wonder why nothing ever works anymore. Try getting support at Java and they want $$$ just to talk to them.

First FF self destructs it permissions in the 17 upgrade, then Flash on the plugin page tells me everything is wrong when Flash tells me everything is right and finally FF disables my working Java plugins without my consent which makes me angry. Of course the same exact thing is happening, as I said earlier, with the latest versions of Opera, Chrome and FF.

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For now, after running JavaRa from one of these threads I am back on the "vulnerable" version 6u26. It is the only way to make things work and FF better not disable anything against my will until the never ending saga of Java is fixed!

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If you want to stick with Java 6 for the time being, at least update to the latest Java 6, which Update 38. It works fine for me!

You want the 32-bit Java download, even if you have a 64-bit operating system like I do (Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit) since 32-bit browsers like the official Firefox 17.0.1 release for Windows need 32-bit Java.

The Java 6 Update 38 off-line installer is now available from http://java.com/en/download/manual_v6.jsp

More info here:

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Hello AliceWyman--

Tried your suggestion. Everything broke...again. I have to run this version that JavaRa installs or nothing will work...and I have tried everything in this 4 page thread and every other thread.

I don't even use Java that much but unfortunately there is a the vicious circle going on with Java. I update the latest version...I visit a page on one of my websites and am prompted to load the 7u9 plugin, which fails and then opt for manual installation and directed to the 7u10 (which I already have at the time). I have been at this for 24 hrs. now and *nothing* has worked except the JavaRa and the insecure version I am now stuck with.

I am left with only two guesses as to what is going on as I have 4 browsers...all latest versions (FF default). ALL fail except IE9 with 7u10 and do the same thing as FF. So it is either a Java issue or a windows issue. I have Windows 7 Premium, 32 bit (with some 64 bit capabilities). With my "bad" version, Opera doesn't care and either does IE9. Chrome warns me but lets me "run this time." Firefox doesn't care when I visit the game page on my own site that I test Java on, but if I go to the plugin check page I am greeted with Great Warnings.

I appreciate your attempt but it just doesn't work either. erghhh!

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Well I guess I may as well post this...sorry for all the posts but I finally have it sorted out and updated and should leave a reply for those who may come after. I am just not absolutely positive how I did it!!! It may have to do with one of two things. Accepting cookies from Oracle/Java but doing that didn't really help at the time.

What did work was completely uninstalling Java. Then going to the page in IE9. Downloading and running in IE9 (which I have set to take all cookies, but delete them when I close the browser), then visiting a page that uses Java and being prompted (still in IE9) to install another plugin. Then all worked. I wasn't entirely unprepared for it to work in IE9 but I was amazed to find I finally had the Java Platform in my FF plugins! (I had had the Deployment toolkit all along but no Java Platform).

So it is fixed but I am scratching my bruised brain trying to figure why so much crazy stuff (to use the polite word) had happened with FF and Plugins in the last month....Hope this helps someone, though I really don't know why the above worked and nothing else.

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Axis, Thanks for posting back that you managed to sort things out by completely uninstalling Java and then updating to the latest version using IE9. As for me, I'll stick with Java 6 Update 38 for now, until updates run out next February. Then I'll probably use the "Update" tab in the "Java (32-bit)" Control Panel to update to the latest version of Java 7 (I currently have automatic updates disabled).

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For those still having issues with Java JRE (NOT Java Script--a whole different animal) I suggest that you read the following article at the link posted 4 months ago at betanews.

I completely removed all traces of JRE from my computer 5 days ago and have frequented all of the sites I typically use--including banking, bill paying, forums, et cetera. without any requests to install JRE (Java Runtime Environment).

Now, I use the free program NoScript for FireFox and when I accessed the betanews site I could not use the comments section until I allowed NoScript to "Allow betanews(dot)com". That is, allow Java Script but there was no need for the JRE compiler. See the attached uploaded image of the NoScript Menu allowing/forbidding options for the page currently accessed.

I think the main problem is that most general users confuse Javascript (very much needed and widespread on the Interet) with the very prevalent installed program--but seldom used for core site functionality on the user's side--JRE compiler. The brief, informative artice explains what most users need to understand the basic differences.



"According to W3Techs, only four percent of websites use Java on the server side. While that is certainly impressive, it is used by 0.2 percent of all websites on the client side. And two tenths of a percent includes sites that do not use it for their core functionality."

End Quote}

You Don't Need Java

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Ah...your solution is essentially telling people they don't really need Java? That is not a solution in my book. I am not confused by the difference between Java and Javascript.

There are sites that use Java. There is also a whole suite of MS Office like products called "Open Office" that use Java for those who don't want or can't afford MS Office. There is at least one website I have used in the past that makes sitemaps for websites with a Java page indexer and there is an old fashioned "Games" page on one of my websites that some people really like the "Java" Klondike solitary game on, but rather than beat this dead horse to death, telling people to "forget all your troubles with the plugin page and Java website because you don't need it" is not a solution.

Also I hope you read some of the comments under your linked "You don't need Java."

Изменено Axis

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I got the same problems with latest Java 7 update10 with firefox, what i did was using revo uninstaller(free edition) to uninstall java and delete all traces of java registry(will be shown in bold in revo) and all related java files, for my system there is also a javafx program, i uninstalled that too, and reinstalled java 7 update 10(install the normal way,using FF to download the java installer from java site and install from desktop), now firefox show the correct java plugin, and java is working again in firefox with update 10 plugin.

By the way, i'm using Win7 64bit, but i installed the java 32-bit version, and for ur info, i am surprised to see all the previous version of java still residing in my registry when i deleted it. I guess it could be all the previous version of java that is still in the registry that is confusing firefox.

This method is used successfully on all my family laptops and my own desktop. Since my method involved deleting registry, pls do it with caution and at ur own risk.

Изменено ViperX

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Hello ViperX--

I guess there must be many different ways to "skin" that Java update cat (sorry, Cat lovers...just an archaic expression). I think several different things "may" have been going on. It is possible FF plugin page received notification of a new update before it was actually released by Java...or Java didn't want the whole world to update at once and sort of "doled out" it's update in batches. I also had trouble with my default settings for cookies, in that my basic browsing mode is not to accept cookies...but even after I made an exception for the page it wouldn't let me on to the 32 bit download page and would say something about accepting the "agreement" or accepting the cookies or something else not helpful. I also noticed that my MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) asked for a copy for "examination" of one of the hundred download attempts I tried.

I really am just guessing and pretty soon this is going to turn into page 5 of the Java update Mayan Apocalypse....I just know everything is finally working, and by using IE9 (which I stated above I keep for my "take all cookies and then delete them and cache browser) I easily updated the 7u10 version which then fed into the whole operating system and told "all" my browsers what we had. I am going to cut out of this thread at this point as I hope it is a done deal for everyone and has gotten enormously long....but with this parting advise to FF.

Please do not disable my plugins without my consent! I am entirely capable of looking at the plugin page myself and deciding what to do! I take responsibility for my own machine....please respect that, especially as this whole Java debacle follows right on the heels of the Flash debacle. So long to this thread. Good luck FF and everyone!

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There are a number of different issues that contributed to the reported problems after installing or updating to Java 7 Update 10.

  • The Plugin Check page was correctly detecting that Java 7 Update 9 was outdated but the linked Java.com update page was still showing that Java 7 Update 9 was the current version; you needed to go to Oracle's Java download page for the latest Java (this is by design; according to this Java FAQ, downloads from Java.com's site are a week behind Oracle's.) Related bug: 820893.
  • Some users mistakenly download install the 64-bit version of Java because their OS is 64-bit, instead of the 32-bit version needed for released versions of Firefox on Windows and other 32-bit browsers (64-bit Java is not detected in 32-bit browsers). Ref: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Java#Java_downloads and http://www.java.com/en/download/faq/java_win64bit.xml
  • Some users report a missing registry entry after installing 32-bit Java 7 Update 10 which results in the Java plugin not being detected ( Ref: bug 820759 #c8 and this mozillaZine post.) Note that the registry entry needed is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\MozillaPlugins\@java.com/JavaPlugin on 64-bit Windows and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MozillaPlugins\@java.com/JavaPlugin on 32-bit Windows (ref.)
  • The Plugin Check page shows the message, "For your safety, Firefox has disabled your outdated version of Java. Please upgrade to the latest version." even if Java is not installed or detected, or if an up-to-date Java is manually disabled in the Add-ons Manager (ref: bug 753219 and the duplicate bug, 786600)
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Uninstalling JavaFX if found, from the Windows Control Panel Programs list is reported to resolve problems with Java detection after updating to the latest Java:

See also: Bug 822937 - Don't use Java plugin (npjp2.dll) bundled with JavaFX

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Thank you for following up with some of the issues involved since such resolutions are helpful for future reference.

I am one of those people who does not require Java JRE for the sites I visit or the programs I run so I will not reinstall it until a secure 2013 version arrives, if I encounter a requirement for it.

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Anyone seeing this problem....

Please check that Java Control panel and see if Java is set as disabled? A new feature in 7u10 allows Java to be disabled from all browsers with a single check box from all browsers.

See this page for screenshots of the feature in the control panel and where the location of the setting: https://www.java.com/en/download/help/enable_panel.xml The browser must be restarted to take affect.

Please post here if you saw that it was disabled/enabled. Did changing the setting have any affect?

Thank you, Roger

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More on uninstalling JavaFX as a fix to enable Java 7 Update 10 detection:

See https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=820759#c12

Thomas Ng (from oracle.com) wrote on 2012-12-24 14:50:48 PST

I can reproduce now! At least with this setup:

7u5 + FX 2.1.1 installed first.

Install 7u10 -> this will cause plugin registration problem. Looks like we have a bug in deploy registration code to handle this case. Plugin from 2.1.1 is still being registered as fault. I need to debug more to find out the problem.

In my case, uninstall of FX 2.1.1 will correct the problem and bring back 7u10 as default plugin.

Also, 7u5 upgrade to 7u10 works okay for me. (no FX 2.1.1 standalone install) 7u10 plugin gets registered correctly.

Would be great if Mozilla can confirm this is what they are seeing as well. Thanks!

I added this fix to http://kb.mozillazine.org/Java#Uninstall_JavaFX

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I have both Java 7u9 and 7u10 installed, and have managed to get FF to see Java as up-to-date. I have 7u9 disabled in the Java Control Panel (which is now version 7u10, but does NOT look like the screenshot posted by Roger), and the FF Add-On page says I have 7u9 (, and it shows as up-to-date.

I also had JavaFX 2.1.1 installed, so I uninstalled it, re-booted, re-installed 7u10, and there was absolutely no change. Everything seems OK, everything runs, FF is not complaining, but shows I have 7u9 and it's "up-to-date." Java Control Panel shows BOTH versions, with 7u9 not enabled (box is unchecked). Add/remove Programs shows both 7u9 and 7u10 installed, and I am going to leave this well enough alone for now, since it's apparently working, though showing the 7u9 version in FF (and in IE8).

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Hi Icefire here,

I am operating an XP home edition computer

Since updating java (java(tm) se runtime environment update 7 u10) My browsers would not work java websites and the plugin Icon appeared saying I "need a Plugin". Up on installing it came up with an error message and said please send a report, then i t closed not updated and java still not working. I read on these forums about downloading the "offline" version closing all other programmes down then installing it. This failed too. However, I decided to check the installer properties by simply right clicking on the icon I had previously downloaded. In the properties window down in the bottom right hand corner where it says "read only" there was another button underneath it which said. "unblock". To the right of this it said this file has been block to protect your computer. Not sure why as this file came direct from Java.com

I simply clicked unblock, reinstalled it again, closed then re-opened Firefox and hey presto, java had fully installed. I check the updates window in Firefox to make sure and all was well in there too.

So a sum up.

1. download the offline version of java from java.com 2. Right click on downloaded icon / properties and click on the "unblock" button 3. Install the offline version of java 4. Although I didn't need to do this you may wish to restart your computer.

And hopefully this is what is stopping a lot of computers from loading the java plugin.  :)

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