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Can you not create groups for Firefox 13 Speed Dial?

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In Firefox 13 they have now included a speed dial page which was once an add-on. My questions about this are, is there any way to create groups like the speed dial add-on. If so can I change each individual groups layout to a 3x3 or a 5x5. This is more aesthetically pleasing, seeing as I may have gaming sites in one group, wallpaper sites in another, social networking in another, each group having a different number of dials.

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You can only have one about:newtab page and you can't add more than the nine slots.
You can customize the about:newtab page by dragging links like bookmark or history items in one of the nine slots on that page or click the close X of an item to remove that item.

The Speed Dial extension is still available, so you can use that extension if you need extra features that the about:newtab page doesn't have.