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With IE8 I could copy a chart from a webpage and paste it into Excel (each entry appeared in it's own cell) - Is there a Firefox setting that allows me to do that?

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The question <pretty much> says it all - there are several financial web sites that provide account activity in chart form. With IE8 I could copy those charts and paste them into Excel with each "entry" appearing in individual cells (both text and numeric). This allows for tracking and manipulation and, at least in some cases, was better than the "download" feature provided. When I try it with Firefox, all data is pasted in a single cell (reminds me of importing a delimited file - if the numeric/text indicators or the cell delimiters are not identified properly Excel will import all data into a single cell).

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Table2Clipboard was easy to install and allows me to copy a table and paste it into Excel - just right click on the table, cursor over table2clipboard> and select your desired option. Kudos to all involved... tlbrad