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No Yahoo Toolbar with latest Firefox update

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Please explain why my Yahoo Toolbar disappeared after the latest Firefox update-All I am told is "it is incompatible." This is not acceptable-I use Yahoo Toolbar to navigate the websites I check on everyday. I certainly do not want to go back to I.E. for my browsing needs but what choice do I have if I can't use Yahoo Toolbar w/ my Firefox browser?

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same here! i want to use firefox 5.0 but yahoo tool bar wont work with it. I NEED MY TOOL BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i had to revert back to 4.0 :(

Изменено mar8823

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Please Mar8823: How did you revert to version 4 of Firefox? This is a big problem.

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Due to security vulnerabilities, rolling back to Firefox 4.0.1 is not recommended.
Firefox 3.6.18 would be the safer choice, as it received the same security updates that are in Firefox 5.0.

Here's the process to roll back:
First, we recommend backing up your Firefox settings in case something goes wrong.
See Backing up your information. (You can copy your entire Firefox profile folder somewhere outside of the Mozilla folder.)

Next, download and save Firefox 3.6.x to your desktop for future installation. http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/all-older

Close Firefox 5.

You could install Firefox 3.6.x over it (many user's have reported success doing that) or you could uninstall Firefox first. If you uninstall, do not remove your personal data and settings, just the program.

Unless you have installed an incompatible add-on, Firefox 3.6.x should pick up where you left off. If there are serious issues, please post back with details.

Изменено the-edmeister