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Open new tab next to current, not to right of related content

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The current options for opening a new tab in firefox is to either open at the right hand end of the tab strip, or to open it at the right end of the related content tabs. If the number of tabs between the current tab and the new tab exceeds the number visible across the window, there is no visible indication that the click was successful and a new tab was opened. Is there a way to get Firefox to open a new tab to the right of the current tab but to the left of the related content tabs. This means that you would always see the new tab being opened. It would also mean that if you accidentally opened the tab in the foreground rather than the background, the related content tabs would still stay in order (albeit from right to left rather than the current left to right).

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Every time Firefox opened

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You would have to look at the many Tab-related extensions that are available for a feature like that, the basic Firefox build doesn't have a feature like that.


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Is there something like this for 5.0? This would be so useful.

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For Firefox 11 I installed Super Tab Mode and it is working fine.