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Auto reply/out of office

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How do I set up out of office/auto reply?

How do I set up out of office/auto reply?

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Hello there joe163. We have read your message. We try to help you.

Auto reply(out of office function). In Thunderbird. You would need to create a Template email and store in the Templates folder. Leave the TO field empty. Subject: Out of Office. You would then need to create a Message Filter which filters after junk classification and checks that each incoming email address is in your address books. This prevents you replying to junk and selects only people in the address books. If the condition is set then perform the action to 'Reply with Template' and select the template you created.

This action is not recommended. Cause you have to leave your pc on at night times logged in online etc. If your working on a office.


Or use


Greetings Firefox volunteer.

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