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Blocked by Content Security Policy

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Hi Everyone,

I run Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 and Firefox version 72.0.2, with DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials and search engine, and New Tab version 1 by Leigh Brenecki.

All works well, other than, having opened Firefox with the first "Tab" available, when I click the "+" sign for a New Tab, the error message "Blocked by Content Security Policy" and "An error occurred during a connection to duckduckgo.com" is displayed.

However, if I click on the Firefox Home Page "House" icon, or select any of my Bookmarks Toolbar icons, the message goes away and all works well again -- at least until I try opening another New Tab when the cycle starts again.

I realise this might be a "New Tab" or "DuckDuckGo" problem, and will seek their support accordingly - I just wondered if anyone on here had experienced the same?

Thank you,


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Error messages about framing or CSP are related to your new tab add-on loading pages into a frame in its own page. This is not a new issue, judging from the reviews, but new problems may arise as more sites secure access by limiting framing:



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Hi jscher2000, Thanks for getting back to me so soon.

I've sent a request to Leigh Brenecki, so shall see if that brings forth a solution, although still open to advice from others too.

I hope so, for in all other respects, New Tab is great.



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