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WidevineCdm Crash

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When I try to use a platform like Netflix i get repeated error messages that WidevineCdm has crashed. This happens also in other browsers. I am not very tech savvy, but I've tried all the solutions I was able to understand on here and through Google, but nothing seems to fix the problem. Can any one advise?

Not sure if this helps, but here is one of the many crash reports I've sent: https://crash-stats.mozilla.org/report/index/75e61622-4282-4a83-b86e-9861a0210422

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Product Firefox Release Channel esr Version 78.10.0esr Build ID 20210412162915 (2021-04-12) Buildhub data OS OS X 10.9 OS Version 10.9.5 13F1911

bp-75e61622-4282-4a83-b86e-9861a0210422 Signature: mozilla::gmp::GMPChild::ProcessingError

Uptime 0 seconds

MOZ_CRASH Reason (Sanitized) : MOZ_CRASH(aborting because of MsgProcessingError)


Attention Sumo's there are 15 related bug reports

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Can you describe in detail how the crash happened? What were you doing at the time?

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I just get a message on the top of the screen when I got to the Netflix homepage (pictured), then if I try to play anything I get an error message from the streaming platform as well

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We are also looking into this similar issue on / at this thread: