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Requiring Fingerprint For Autofill

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I recently purchased a new laptop that has biometric capabilities and was very excited to implement it into my Mozilla for an even more secure browser. Come to find out (so I think), that the touch ID can only be used for "sensitive" information like credit cards, etc. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, or I'm looking in the wrong place but what I would like to do is use touch ID on all of my autofills, even something as minor as a Webkinz account. I do know of the primary password, but obviously it's much faster and secure to use a fingerprint.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!

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Note that using the fingerprint isn't really secure. This is merely a 'cosmetic' feature to prevent accessing the logins too easily, but doesn't encrypt the logins other then hashing the logins with a basic key stored in key4.db. Having access to logins.json and key4.db is sufficient to access the logins from within Firefox (you can easily disable OS authentication via about:config). A Primary Password does encrypt the logins with this password as an additional security layer and only when you supply this password then the logins can be decrypted and if you forget this password then the logins are lost.


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