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IDM Extension Failure

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Several days ago (approximately 12-3-20) my Internet Download Manager add-on stopped working. Removing it and reinstalling it by using a link provided by IDM does not work. It will work only if I open the webpage where I intend to download (e.g.--YouTube) BEFORE I reinstall the add-on and only for as long as that page remains open. Closing the page and then reopening it somehow deactivates IDM, as it will no longer link to the video I want to download. Have tried everything i can think of to solve this, including deactivating all other add-ons and by uninstalling and reinstalling the IDM program itself. I also unchecked the "block popup windows" management tool within Firefox itself. Anyone have any ideas what is happening? Initially, I also received the error message added below, but as far as i can tell, none of my other programs are set to block IDM. The error message no longer appears.

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You need to contact Internet Download Manager support.

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The first thing I did, of course, was to do just that. They had me uninstall and reinstall the IDM platform program and then install the separate IDM add-on from a link they supplied. (I had already done Part A before I contacted them, without resolving the issue.) When that didn't work, they suggested i check my antivirus and related malware programs, which i have done. They also recommended that i deactivate all of my other Firefox add-ons, which i did. None of this has solved the IDM "drop out" effect which i described. I can only conclude that something in Firefox doesn't play nicely with IDM, at least not anymore. I have used IDM for many years and never had this issue before last week. Very frustrating.

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I use an older version of Firefox, so can't use the IDM add-on. What I do is to move the link to the IDM window. Works just fine.