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New Firefox Android; Where the heck are my bookmarks???

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I absolutely HATE the latest version of Firefox Android. You open it, and there's practically NOTHING there. I'm finding it impossible to find most of my bookmarks. I clicked the little three dot menu at the bottom right, clicked on BOOKMARKS and then DESKTOP Bookmarks. Right away this a lot more complex than it used to be. A great many of my bookmarks are simply not there. I clicked RECENT bookmarks, and NOTHING showed up. A clean white screen. On my PC Firefox, that's where many of the bookmarks I want are filed. Can I revert to an earlier version of Firefox? Seriously, this may make me quit Firefox altogether.

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I understand that Firefox Sync did not fully connect to your mobile device on this occasion, but hopefully I should be able to help you force a Sync event to take place.

Assuming you have connected the same Sync account on both your mobile and desktop copies of Firefox and have recently savd a bookmark on the desktop copy:

In Firefox on your mobile device:

  1. Go into the Settings menu and select Firefox Account.
  2. Tap on Synchronise now.

This will “force” a synchronisation of the data that is on the local device storage.


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Didn't work. This shouldn't be so difficult!


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