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where's the Top Sites gone? Aug 2020 update

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Now when i click the address bar at the top I'm met with a Blank Screen whereas before the update I had my Top Sites "pinned" for quick & easy access. I now have to faff around going into the bookmarks which is pointless when this feature was working perfectly well, why remove it?

Also when i start Firefox fresh i see small icons for the top sites but they're so small the URL/Name doesn't show up so i have no idea which icons lead to which sites. These need to be bigger like post update and put back line they were before.

If it ain't broke don't fix it. This update is a massive fail, please revert ASAP.

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Please bring back a quick one-tap method to call up a list of my favourite sites. Clicking in the address bar to bring up Top Sites for example, like we used to have.

Now I am forced to open an (unwanted) new tab before I can see my Top Sites, and even then it's difficult to make out the icons as they're too small. I have resorted to keeping all my favourite sites open simultaneously in separate tabs but this is clumsy and shouldn't be needed.

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Hope it helps, so I also add my comment here. I also miss the screen with important pages, pocket articles, bookmarke etc. It was so useful, why did you delete it??? Please bring it back! I will go back to an older version, but if this screen does not come back, someday I have to go to Chrome...

I was just thinking about supporting Firefox monthly, but not for that crap you make!

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