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I can't figure out how to use 7-zip to install firefox

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I'm trying to reloading firefox and can't seem to download the old, familiar install/save dialog box. So I've downloaded both the Firefox Setup Stub 49.0.2.exe. and the Firefox Setup 49.0.2.exe file. An extraction is completed with both exe files and both result in a 7-zip message box says "The operation completed successfully". But then nothing happens. I've got no idea what to do next.

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The EXE files are self-extracting archives using a program from 7zip, but they shouldn't stall out at that point.

When you double-click the installer to start running it, does Windows immediately ask you to confirm that it's okay to run the application, and the dialog/panel shows Mozilla Corporation as the publisher?

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Per the above, yes.

I finally figured the solution before I received your reply. First I had to visit the 7-zip site and download their app (free download). The I opened the 7-zip file manager from the Start menu. This brought me to the Downloads path C:\Users\%username%\Downloads\Firefox Setup Stub 49.0.2\ folder and the setup-stub.exe file. By clicking on this exe file the familiar User Account Control Box opened and then the traditional Firefox installation page.

Thanks for looking into this.