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Restoring from old image left all bookmarks unorganized.

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I recently had to restore my laptop from a disc image from early July. I had spent about 4 hours in late July organizing all my bookmarks into folders. When I restarted Firefox, it had the bookmarks back in the old unsorted list, as it had been prior to the image being created. I attempted to restore bookmarks but found the options listed as restore points are missing for all the time in between when the disc image was created and when I reinstalled Firefox last week. How do I find the the restore points in between that are now missing from the list? I tried switching the user profile I had saved prior to the reboot I did last week and it just reset to the old list of bookmarks I had back in early July. I do NOT want to have to reorganize all those folders AGAIN! Any help would be appreciated - I'm guessing the other restore points are associated with a different profile but how do I get it back if all Firefox lists is a single default associated with early July version?

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If you have a restore point where the bookmarks have been organized otherwise, the file in the profile folder that stores bookmarks is called places.sqlite. Back up and restore information in Firefox profiles

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Awesome! Just needed to know the specific file and switch out from the old profile. Thanks so much!