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How do I print to PDF preserving hyperlinks?

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When I print pages to PDF, using Firefox build-in "File > Print" tool, it removes hyperlinks from the saved PD file. Which makes it in many cases useless.

Google Chrome, for example, preserves hyperlinks when printing to PDF. Is it possible, without using external add-ons, print page to PDF file preserving all hyperlinks?

I know about many an add on like "Save to PDF", but all of them have drawbacks. In any case, it's strange that browser has such a strange a habit of removing links.


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As far as I know, any PDF conversion that runs through Firefox's Print function cannot preserve links because the link associated with the display text is not part of the data sent to a printer (physical or virtual).

Hopefully Firefox's built-in PDF converter will be improved if this is not a feature now. Alternately, perhaps someone could grab the code from Chromium and build that into an extension.

Chrome's PDF converter seems to be a little glitchy when a link continues from the end of a line to the next line (BSD-3-Clause in the footer here: But otherwise it seems to work fairly well.