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Firefox blocks C-NET videos because of bad certificates

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I treid to view a video on C-NET and Firefox blocked it, cut the connection, complaining that their security certificate was bad. And their was no way to override Firefox. So I have not seen the video. That is arrogant bad programming. Do you think that I am so stupid that I cannot decide whether I should see a video when a certificate is bad? Now if it was my bank or Paypal, I would be concerned. But I will take my chances with the Russian hackers when I'm viewing a video (with Ubuntu, no less, which isn't so easy to invade with worms and Trojan horses). So there should be an override where I can decide whether to ignore the certificate error.

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This issue is not necessarily that a programmer blocked you from connecting when there's a certificate error. The issue is that you physically can't connect to the server when there's a certificate error. The encrypted data being sent to you can't be decrypted and displayed because there's no valid certificate.

Does the error message have an error code? That typically provides more information about the reason you are having problems.

See What do the security warning codes mean? for more information about what the different error codes mean and how to fix them.

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