How do I turn on Mozilla VPN?

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Turn on Mozilla VPN on your Android device when you connect to the Internet to protect your browsing activity and your device’s network connection. Browse the Internet with any browser or use any application, and the VPN will protect your entire device.

A subscription lets you use Mozilla VPN on up to five devices

To turn the VPN on, do the following:

  1. Open the Mozilla VPN app.
  2. Select the toggle under Turn on to protect your privacy.
    Turn on the VPN toggle
  3. The toggle turns green greenbutton when enabled and a message indicating that VPN is on will appear on the main screen to let you know your connection is secure and private.
    no speed test toggle

On Android, the Mozilla VPN icon in your device's Quick Settings can be used for connecting and disconnecting the VPN without the need to access the app.

Mozilla VPN on Android Quick Settings

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