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permanently store this exception un checked in 44.02

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When I go to the website "" sheridan college email I get the message "Your connection is not secure" I then go to "advanced" then "add exception.." and uncheck "permanently store this exception " I then can access the web site. But when I close and reopen the browser I expect that I should get the same error message "Your connection is not secure" since I have not saved the exception but the site works with no not secure error. Can anyone tell me why?


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You can click the View button to inspect the certificate in the certificate viewer and check the issuer and other details.

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The question has nothing to do with the issuer of the certificate. Firefox has identified the site as not trusted. Why has the message disappeared? I am using firefox 44.02 sha256 311f4114ab6159ec6b2795d43d787f292236cdb92d89a400f9b617cca60d9515

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Note that you can't store a permanent exception when you are in Private Browsing mode, so check that.

Firefox automatically stores intermediate certificates that servers send in the Certificate Manager for future use. Stored intermediate certificates show as "Software Security Device" in the "Security Device" column in the Certificate Manager. A server needs to send the full certificate chain that includes all required intermediate certificates. If a server doesn't send a full certificate chain then you wouldn't get an untrusted error if Firefox has stored missing intermediate certificates by visiting a server in the past that has send this certificate, but you do get an untrusted error if this intermediate certificate isn't stored yet.

You can save the intermediate certificate data I posted below to a file named GeoTrustDVSSLCA-G4.crt and install the certificate via "File > Open File" of "Firefox menu button > New Tab > Open File". Do NOT check off any of the trust boxes as those are only required for root certificates and not for intermediate certificates.


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'I do not want to save the certificate'. Firefox is automatically saving the non secure certificate.

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It shouldn't be necessary to create a permanent exception in cases where a web server doesn't send a complete certificate chain and it is never recommended to create permanent exceptions anyway because the server should fix this on their server.

What I posted above is the code of the missing intermediate certificate that the server should have send. Firefox stores such an intermediate certificate automatically when you visit a website then sends them. You appear not to have visited a server in the past that sends this specific certificate and that is why you will see this error message.

You can contact the website and ask them to install the missing intermediate certificate.

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I have contacted the web site for and they do have a certificate error which Sheridan college has admitted and is investigating.

When I open this site firefox remembers this site as if I saved it permanently instead of displaying the error message everytime I visite the site. I have not saved anything. Firefox 44.02 on a Mac remembers and no longer shows the certificate error.

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If you created a permanent exception then you will have to remove this exception to make Firefox use the certificate that the server sends. You should find this exception under the Servers tab in the Certificate Manager.

  • Tools > Options > Advanced > Certificates: View Certificates

Do not remove other exceptions that show there.

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If you read my post I have not created a permanent exception. also if I look at my certificates it is empty.

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I didn't get the right kind of error page on that server, but did get an error on a related server. When I created a non-permanent exception, it showed up in the Certificate Manager, Servers tab, with its actual expiration date rather than an indication of when Firefox plans to expire the temporary exception. (Screen shot attached for comparison.)

When I exited Firefox and started it up again, the temporary exception was gone. I don't know whether it was cleaned out during shutdown or during startup.

In case it's relevant, I do NOT have Firefox set to clear history at shutdown.