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eI close out firefox the right way each time. Why dose it keep saying Opps seems Firefox has crashed.. Every time...

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Each time I close out my session on here , I close it out all right.. But every time I start up Firefox , it always says Oops well this is Embarrassing , and so on.. Anyways , I have tried everything I have found to read and nothing is working.. How can I fix it ? Any ideas on how to fix it... If nothing will work then I am done using anything to do with Firefox..

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A possible cause is that you are first closing all Firefox windows and then close the Firefox application.

Some have reported that closing Firefox (Firefox > Quit) while the browser window is still open works for them.

  • bug 845681 - Closing all windows and quitting Firefox afterwards leads to about:sessionrestore to be shown on next startup

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Locking this thread as a duplicate, see also a similar answer in the earlier post /questions/957740#answer-430978