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Cannot log in to Mozilla Support. It won't accept my username or password. Reset password email says my account is already activated.

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Tried accessing Mozilla Support Forums for Firefox Desktop Support, which I have used many times. It would not accept my username and password, claiming they were incorrect. I tried the Password Reset feature, which opened a window saying that accounts created before December 2010 may have issues logging in. Please reset your password below. It instructs me to enter my email address so that it can send me instructions for setting a new password. I enter my email address. It says we've sent an email to any account using this address. Please follow the link in the email to reset your password. I go to my email. Nothing is there. I wait, but still nothing.

I go back to the sign in page, and click on the link - I didn't get a confirmation email - under Login Problems. A new window opens which tells me that to activate my account I must first confirm my email address. I reenter my email address. I get an email from Mozilla right away, telling me that my account is already activated, and it gives me a link to log in. I click on that link. I enter my username and password again. Same error message denying me access and telling me to enter a correct username and password. I try this a couple more times with no success. Same repeating errors.

So I try to create a NEW account using a different username with my email address. It will not let me do that. It says that email address is already taken, and it will not allow me to proceed. I ultimately had to set up a new account with an email address that I never use, just so I could access the Help features. I am exasperated. I do not want to post my Questions using an email address that I do not use, and have to open another application to even access. I want to be able to receive a message from Mozilla in my normal everyday email address, if someone has replied to my post. But since Mozilla will not let me use my existing email address for the new account I set up, I cannot do that.

This is very frustrating. Mozilla will not allow me access to my original user account that was already set up with my preferred email address. And Mozilla won't let me create a new user account with my preferred email address. Now I am stuck with a new user account that is linked to an email address that I never use and which is not easily accessible to me. As a last resort, I access my new user account in hopes that it will allow me to change the email address that is linked to the account, but of course, that is not an option.

Can someone please help me to access my original account with my original username and password? If a password reset is necessary, then I should not be getting a reply email telling me my account is already activated (see below). If it is activated, then why can't I log in? What is going on? Please help me. Thank you.

It seems your account has already been activated.

You can log in at:



The support.mozilla.org team}

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Sorry for inconvenience, we are facing the problem in reset email.

This problem will be solved soon.

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Thank you for your help. Feeling rather foolish right now; evidently this is all my fault. I tried to enter the Firefox support site via a different means tonight and was able to gain access with my original username and password! Trying to understand how that could be when I was not permitted access earlier, I examined the URL address and I realized that I was in http://forums.mozillazine.org, which is not the same web address as this Firefox support site at support.mozilla.org.

I had no idea that there were 2 different sites for accessing support for Firefox, and that each Mozilla web support page would require a different username and password. Makes no sense to me since they are both Mozilla Firefox Support, but no one asked me when they made the rules. Glad I figured it out, and thanks again for your replies.

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Thanks for posting back. We may have had a few unexplained problems recently with e-mails, at least this one is now resolved and understood.

This site support.mozilla.org is now the official support site for Firefox.

Mozillazine is not directly related to Mozilla & state

Established in 1998, MozillaZine is an independent Mozilla news, community and advocacy site.
MozillaZine is not run by the Mozilla Foundation and is not an official part of the Mozilla project.
MozillaZine is hosted at the Open Source Lab at Oregon State University.

The Mozillazine site is highly respected, and deals with technical subjects outside the scope of our support.mozilla AAQ forum, and has a also has an excellent KB.

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I use only support.mozilla.org and never used any other websites. However, the same problem here. My ID and Password are not accepted. Had to create a new account with a temporary email to use Support - it would not allow me to use my main email, because "it is used by another account". Try to reset password - receive no email (even though there is a confirmation on the website that email to reset password has been sent). At the same time can easily receive a confirmation about User ID and account activation. Thus, the account is completely locked, and I can not use my email address for a new one. Please fix this problem.

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See also /forums/contributors/709095?last=51777#post-51769.

I have however suggested you need to

  • Start your own thread in that forum
  • State the old user name
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You can't do that without creating a new account. And for that you need a NEW EMAIL ADDRESS, or you get the message "Sorry, an account with that email address already exists" even though you can't log in to it. I just had to set up a new account here with one of the other email addresses I keep handy just for system buggerups like this.