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Delete an existing account associated to an email that I can't access anymore

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I'm in a bit of a trouble here, as I got recently and quite suddenly put aside from my job, and with that, lost access to my professional e-mail adress and to my professional computer. Problem is I had a Firefox account linked to my professional e-mail adress, and with this "work from home" situation I made the mistake to mix things up a little and store some personal passwords, on my pro computer. I changed most of my passwords since then, but still, I'd prefer if even the old ones weren't in the nature... As I can't log into my pro inbox anymore to validate the 2 steps connexion to firefox sync, I can't access my Firefox account from any other computer to remotely delete all these sensitive informations.

As this account mainly stores work related bookmarks and passwords, I don't particularly plan on claiming it back, as it would be of no use to me now. Instead, I'd prefer to see this account purely deleted, and to be able to move on with a clean slate.

I would like to know if there is a way, some procedure or anything, for the Mozilla teams to manualy delete an account and all it contains ?

Thank you in advance.

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