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How to combine two bookark folders into one and remove duplicate bookmarks

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I'm looking for an easy way to combine two bookmark folders with the same name into one. FF allows you to create identically named folders if you don't remember you already had one named the same, so I have a few of these in my bookmarks. For one I have three identically named folders. One was in "other bookmarks" and I moved it to the main set of folders by dragging and dropping.

I'm looking for an easier way than copying all of the bookmarks from one folder into the other, then deleting the empty folder, if there's a way to do that with an add-on or some other clever way. I.m not really familiar with working with the folders in bookmarks though I know I could do the maintenance by the method I mentioned above.

I would also like to remove duplicate bookmarks once I transfer them from one to the other folder if that will happen. If FF will not create duplicate bookmarks this won't be an issue, but I've never tried that before so I don't know what to expect.

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Hi t2000kwt.

You should try Bookmarks Organizer add-on. I am not sure it can handle duplicated folder, but it can definitely deduplicate the bookmarks itself. So in the worst case you just need to move the bookmarks over to a single folder and remove the empty ones.

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Thanks. I'll give it a try. Just now installed it but won't have time to give it much of a try. I also installed a bookmarks sorting add-on that auto-sorts for me.

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I gave it a very quick try and it is good at finding the duplicate bookmarks in different folders (but not duplicate folders). I already deleted a few. Thanks!