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How do I get Firefox to stop adding +1 to my phone # in Autofill

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I like the Autofill feature in Firefox, but FF keeps adding a +1 to my phone number. I enter my phone as 10 digits, no dashes or spaces, area code + number. I change it and the +1 reappears. +1xxx-xxx-xxxx is not a format accepted by most web forms.

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Many phone companies need the +1 for long distance calls. Would it be a long distance call for wherever the number is going?

Note: Some web pages will add the +1 because of their scripts.

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Most people know that you need to dial a 1 before dialing a number outside of your home area code, but I've never seen a web form or sweepstakes form that has you type a +1 before the number.

Most only accept 10 digits unless they want you to include the hyphens. Firefox autofill works good on a lot of forms, but when it fills in the ph# with a +1 I always have to edit it.

Maybe this should be in the options, or an about:config parameter

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  • bug 1405486 - Form Autofill] Allow me to specify the format for phone numbers

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