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I keep getting an update now message for my adobe acrobat plugin,but when I click to update it brings me to the same version.And Adobe patch doesn't fix it

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I checked my plugins and the Adobe Acrobat plugin shows out of date.However when I click on it and get to Adobe it keeps offering me the same version that I already have. I tried installing the Adobe update patch but when I go back to my plugins it still says it is out of date.I have version 10.1.4? Not sure if I got that all right but I have the 10.4 version.Can anyone help me with this issue?

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First, I apologize that the plugin checker has a limitation on what it considers the current version of Adobe Reader/Acrobat, and at the same time, Adobe does not support the newest versions on Windows Vista for some reason. This is a problem without a solution, frankly, so you may need to ignore the plugin checker's advice and trust Adobe in this case.

10.1.4 definitely is not the most recent version of Adobe Reader/Acrobat X, but in order to update to 10.1.8 or whatever it is now, you need to use the built-in updater. On the Help menu of Reader or Acrobat, use Check for Updates. This should get a small updater that isn't available for direct download from Adobe.

Can you get updated that way?

Alternately, Visa users have reported that Reader XI will install if you download the installer. That one also will require an extra update step after installation to get up to 11.0.11, but if you want to try it, you can use this page: http://get.adobe.com/reader/enterprise/

IMPORTANT: to get version 11.0.10 you have to lie to the site and tell it you have Windows 7.

ALSO, I would avoid the new Reader DC for now until all the bugs settle out and you're ready for the new interface.

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Thank You jscher2000, I actually did what you suggested and lied to Adobe and said I had Windows 7.I uninstalled it though because it was still showing out of date in Firefox plugins. I did not however use the link you provided.I will though.I appreciate the help.I did not realize it was a problem specific to Windows Vista and that is good to know. I will definitely avoid the DC version until bugs are settled.The built in updater doesn't help but I think it is because of my OS being Vista . I guess I go back to telling a fib.Lol don't see much of another alternative here. I would like to ask you another quick question if I may. Is there a safe extension in Firefox that can be used to directly open PDF files?Because I checked and there are many but was wondering if you could recommend any specific one? I am going back to the drawing board to install 11.0.11 again. I will check back here later.Ty so much for your help.

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Hi blue eyes, you can use the Help menu in Adobe Reader/Acrobat to see what version you have (About) and Check for Updates.

Is there a safe extension in Firefox that can be used to directly open PDF files?Because I checked and there are many but was wondering if you could recommend any specific one?

Do you mean to view a PDF in a Firefox tab, or open it directly in Adobe Reader?

For viewing in a tab, Firefox has a built-in viewer but it is not as full-featured as the third party plugins and seems slower for long documents or complex documents. In addition to Adobe's plugin, there are plugins available with readers from a couple other companies, but I've never tried them myself. I don't know what extensions there are...