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why does firefox block active X?

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I love firefox for home use, but cant use it at work because it blocks acttive x. I cant login to my companies secure website (to remotely use one of the workstations, it will allow me to login to companies outlook email), i cant login to aa xray viewing program as it needs to "allow active x across domains" to load the dicom xray viewer software, plus 2 other similar actions are blocked. Apparently all the competing browsers except internet explorer refuse to allow secure sites to enable active x. This makes it impossible to use anything other than internet explorer for work.

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ActiveX is an Internet Explorer plugin system and is not supported in Firefox or many other browsers. For details see https://support.mozilla.com/kb/ActiveX

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I know it is not supported in other browsers, however it is essential for a number of business applications (4 at last count for us), so my question is why not? Or are firefox, chrome and safari only for the non business user? To replace internet explorer as the primary browser the alternative must do everything it does, otherwise we are left with the situation of requiring two browsers. This is ok on a fast system, but not on a netbook where every extra bit of performance you can squeeze out of it vcounts!

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The reason why Mozilla do not support it is shown in this link - https://support.mozilla.com/kb/ActiveX

Other browsers will not support it for similar reasons.