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Accidently moved folder into another folder.

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I was moving read messages from Inbox, into other Specific folders. Either my fingers, or my mouse "hiccuped" and message ended up in Another folder. Used the Undo function to put the message back, but then noticed a message Folder (was same level as Inbox) had been Moved into another Folder. NO More Undo left. The folder name started with an S, so I was Way down on my Folder list. NO WAY to move THAT folder Back Up a Level, to where it had been. Had to DRAG it All the Way UP the List of Folders to the Main Origin folder for that E-mail address. Since my Folder list, under that Address is LONG, I had to Temp drop it into a a few Other Folders, on the way UP. ALSO, On the Way Up, I had Dragged Another folder into Another folder. Had to Drag THAT one ALL THE WAY UP.

VERY Short Sample following: If "Work" got moved to Aunt Zelda.... NO UNDO. Would have to Drag and Drop Work up to "Gmail e-mail" to get it back into Alphabetical Folder order (Inbox, Deleted, etc stay up top).

Gmail e-mail Inbox Deleted Spam Junk Adam Beatrice Insurance John Religious >Relatives

    Aunt Sofie
    Aunt Zelda
    Uncle Brad
    Uncle Sam

Shop offers Work

                  • Is there a way to add a "Move Current Folder Up a Level" ????? Or is this option somewhere, there, already?

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Currently, the only way to move Folders is via the drag and drop method.

However, there is an addon called 'Manually Sort Folders' which may help:

If the addon works for you, please consider a donation to the author as they rely on this to maintain updates. Thunderbird is not responsible for any addon.

How to install addon:

Before download/install, I would make a backup of your Thunderbird profile. This is also advised by the author of the addon - just in case.

By default in Windows OS it is here: C://Users/User Name/Appdata/Roaming/Thunderbird Exit Thunderbird first and access the 'Roaming' folder. Copy the 'Thunderbird' folder to a suitable location eg: external harddrive.

Quick Method to locate it from within Thunderbird

  • Help > Troubleshooring Information
  • Under 'Application Basics' - click on 'Open Folder' - see image below as guide.
  • Exit Thunderbird now.
  • Go up three levels in directory to 'Roaming' folder
  • Copy the 'Thunderbird' folder.
  • In external hardrive, Create a folder called 'TB Backup version 78-10-1' (assuming that is the current version you are using), then paste the 'Thunderbird' folder into that backup folder.

It is useful to name the folder with the version number because Thunderbird uses a dedicated profile per installation. See info:


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