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Firefox Android Burns AMOLED Displays

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Firefox Android burned a latent image of the header, header buttons and header tab into my Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Needless to say, I am not a happy camper.

I can find no themes for Firefox Android much less any that will turn the app header itself a dark color or black. When using the supposed Firefox Android add-on site any searches for themes return desktop themes! (What a crock of Mozilla nonsense that is, android add-ons and desktop add-ons should be segregated for database searches.)

I am using Firefox Android version 68.11.0 which has no settings for themes as claimed in this article --

Anyone know of any themes for Firefox Android or better yet, how I can make my own?

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Hi, there is dark theme for version 78, plus Dark Reader addon. You have to update yourself.

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HUH? Version 78? What the heck are you going on about? Google Play indicates I am up to date with 68.11.0. The latest download from is 68.11.0.

Then there is this I just ran into. You might find it interesting. I did. --

"All installed extensions, except for the nine supported, will get disabled during the upgrade. They are not gone, and Mozilla has promised that the new Firefox will support all browser extensions eventually. The organization has not given any time frame though for that, and that is a major problem."

Three Reasons not to upgrade to the new Firefox for Android browser right now --