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Firefox installation options are obscure

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I noticed that whenever I install Firefox I am asked whether or not I want a Firefox shortcut on my "Start Menu." What I get if I select this option is a Firefox shortcut pinned to my Taskbar. I realize that Microsoft, in its infinite wisdom, now refers to the Taskbar as the Start Menu in operating systems such as Windows 8 and Windows 10, but in fact the Taskbar is NOT the Start Menu, it is still the Taskbar. I think this option should be rewritten to say "PIN Firefox shortcut to Start Menu" so that it is clear where this shortcut is going. I do not like shortcuts "pinned" to the Taskbar, I want them actually on the old Start Menu, or in the Quick Start Toolbar. Not everyone uses Windows 8 or Windows 10, some of us still use XP or Windows 7 and still have a real Start Menu and want to use it. Some of use Windows 8 and have restored the old Start Menu to our GUI using 3rd party software.

I have also noticed that if I do accidentally "pin" the Firefox shortcut to my Taskbar and then I delete it, the next time I open Firefox I am once again prompted to set Firefox as my default browser, even though I have already done that once. This is a bit mysterious.

The fact is that I am not able to use Firefox updates, I must download the program and reinstall it every time there is an update available. If I use the update option, Firefox then does not work. It will not start until I reboot my PC. I avoid this issue by downloading the full program and reinstalling it. But then I am prompted for the "Start Menu" shortcut, and I always forget that this means "Pin" the shortcut to the Taskbar. This problem could be solved by changing the wording in the setup program.

Also, the last time I was notified that there was a Firefox update available, and I went to the Firefox site to download it, the site told me I was using the latest version, even though I wasn't.

I really like Firefox, but these constant issues with updates and setups is becoming annoying.

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Hi, I note you say Some of use Windows 8 and have restored the old Start Menu to our GUI using 3rd party software. If that is what you have done, then it seems likely that Firefox doesn't recognize the 3rd party Start Menu. I'm not familiar with Win8, but on Win7 I would suggest opening All Programs in the Start menu, then right click > Pin to Start Menu - perhaps that will work?

You say you can't update, because FF won't start. Perhaps that is also caused by a conflict with your 3rd party Start Menu - can you temporarily disable it to test? Then try starting FF from All Programs.

If your question is resolved by this or another answer, please take a minute to let us know. Thank you.

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Hi, thanks for your response. Unfortunately, disabling the Classic Shell Start Menu add-on does not resolve this problem. What this add-on does is restore the Windows 7 or XP Start Menu, with cascading Program Menus, which is really nothing more than a few registry hacks. I tried disabling it, but it does not fix the Firefox update problem.

What happens is I receive notification that a Firefox Update is available, and I choose to install it. It requires me to close Firefox, which I do. It then adds a new Firefox shortcut to my desktop and pins one to the Taskbar. However, at that point neither shortcut will work. Starting Firefox from the "Run" command also does not open Firefox. If I locate the executable in the program folder and double-click it, Firefox still does not start. I have to reboot the computer, and then Firefox will start from the shortcuts, or Run command, or executable. This is true whether any of my add-on programs are running or not.

However, if I download the latest version of Firefox and install it, I do not have this problem. I only happens when I "update" from the Firefox update notification.

On one occasion, the Firefox "update" also corrupted my Firefox profile and I lost all my program settings.

I do not like "Pinned" programs. They take up too much space on my Taskbar. I prefer using the old QuickLaunch toolbar, which takes up much less space on the Taskbar.

I don't mind that Firefox presents me with the option to Pin a program, but the option is not worded correctly. It asks me if I want to add Firefox to the Start Menu, when it should ask me if I want to "Pin" Firefox to the Start Menu, which is a clearer statement of what it is going to do. Traditionally "Add" a program to the Start Menu means add it to the Start\Programs menu, and not the Taskbar.

I have trouble remembering that it is going to "Pin" instead of "Add" because of this wording. I have already added a Firefox shortcut to my Start\Programs menu, so I don't really need the update to add it again. However, this shortcut I have added also does not work after installing a Firefox "update", but it works after I do a full installation of the latest version.

I just think installation programs should use very precise language that describes very clearly what they are going to do, which is the reason why I posted this message. I have already reported to Firefox that the updates force me to reboot my PC, but have not heard back from them as to any reason for this, or any resolution.

Thanks again for trying to help.