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Firefox continually opens tabs about latest updated add-ons

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Every time I open/start Firefox, in addition to my previously opened tabs (if any), it opens (or has started opening) an additional... 4-7 tabs... The "Mozilla Firefox Start Page" and (sometimes?) a "New Tab" consosting of the 'most frequent' pages...*

  • Refuses t update itself...Such as whe/if I unpin previously pinned sites in order to re-arrange them... [<places 1, 4,5,6 pinned> ...adjust it by unpinning 4-6 and re-pin them in/to places 2-4>]... Every time FF closes and re-opens, it resets to the previous 1,4,5,6 pins, with the EXACT SAME pages in the unpinned places... Deleting and repinning, or changing up the pinned pages does nothing for the long run...when the browser ENDS and stats up again...Back to the previous "setup"

Wanting/needing help getting it to STOP opening the unwanted "thank you for updating / latest changes to" tabs, and updating the most recent tabs/sites collection.

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I understand that there are two issues here, one that the new tab page does not save this is expected only the pinned tabs will stay and two that there are a few tabs that have added themselves to the restored session.

Please try this:

  1. Start Firefox
  2. Close the unwanted tabs
  3. wait two minutes
  4. Restart Firefox and see if the tabs still appear on start up.
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1. Start Firefox

* Done

2. Close the unwanted tabs

 * Done

3. Wait 2 minutes

 * Done...repeatedly to the point that there's been -HOURS- between FF sessions.

4. Restart Firefox and see if the tabs still appear on startup.

 * Done, and -YES-

I have attached a number of images.. They are as follows:

FF_BEFORE_restart.png -- Showing the current tabs opened, also depicting the "New Tab" window and it's 'speed dial' offering of most viewed pages

FF_ADJUSTED_Speed_Dial_window.png -- Showing (generally) how I put my speed dial windows.

FF_AFTER_Restart.png -- FireFox AFTER closing it and restarting it.

FF_RESET-Speed_Dial_Window.png -- The New Tab tab/window as it appears after adjusting, de-cluttering and "prettyfying" it.

You CAN ignore the 2nd & 4th pictures, as that problem isn't immediatly important...But yes, so far, closing the "excess" tabs, closing [waiting] and re-starting does nothing other than starts FF, closes the tabs, and restarts the browser...Only to have the annoyingly unwanted tabs in question reappear.

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hi Vanidor73, this is probably an issue with the user.js file in your profile folder which prevents that certain settings are saved properly. please go to the firefox menu ≡ > help ? > troubleshooting information, click on profile folder/show folder and close all firefox windows afterwards. a windows explorer window should open up - in there delete the file named user.js and restart the browser again afterwards.