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How do I remove focus from a flash element with the keyboard?

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How do I remove focus from a flash element with the keyboard? If I click on and interact with a flash element on a page, then that flash element has focus. Then, if I want to use Firefox keyboard shortcuts, they don't work until I click somewhere one the page outside the borders of the flash element. Is there some keyboard shortcut to remove the focus from the flash element?

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No, you can't remove the focus from a plugin once the plugin has focus.

See Bug 93149 – No way to move focus between plugin and browser from keyboard

(please do not comment in bug reports)

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It is disturbing that none of the Firefox keyboard shortcuts can be used when a plugin is focused. For example you click on a YouTube video and then you will be unable to use Backspace or Alt+left to go back. Also F5, Ctrl+T, Ctrl+W, nothing works. This is really ruining the everyday web browsing experience. How come there is no such problem with Internet Explorer? Really??? Internet Explorer does not have this problem? If Internet Explorer can fix it then how can't Firefox fix it? WTF!!!!! This problem has been in Firefox FOREVER and it is not even listed in the known issues list

If you click outside of the plugin area on the website, Firefox takes back the focus and keyboard shortcuts start working. Why can't it take back focus the same way when using the browser keyboard shortcuts? Also there are like hundreds of bug reports made over years on this matter and nothing is being done.

I'd suggest to vote for bugs:

You can register there if you need an account but note that you should not comment on bug reports unless you know the rules and have valuable information. You can still register and give you vote without commenting though.

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