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Firefox saving images as firefox html

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So for example, on a website like when i want to save a lot of images at the same time instead of right clicking each one individually what i do is, right click the mouse and select the “View Page Info” option, Click on the Media tab, select all the images i want to save then click save as.

Normally i would be able to save hundreds of images at once as png images so that i could use them, but with the famdom wiki website it is saving every image as an html document and i can't use any of them.

I have gone through all the google suggestions about changing about:config options even downloaded an addon to avoid webp/html images on sites but nothing at all is working, ended up resetting my browser and am still looking for a way to fix this.

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I have been having this problem for a while too. I've been using an image converter website to convert them into pngs, but it takes time and effort. And in your case, you have too many images to do that with. I'd rather just have them download in png or jpg format. I"m going to follow this and hopefully someone comes up with a solution. And if I find a solution, I will share.

Quick question. What was the suggested about:config fix? And what was the name of the addon extension you used? Please let me know so I can give them a try. Maybe I can get them to work.

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