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Bad add-ons

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I have these add-ons and there's no way to delete them. Could they be viruses? Can someone help me delete them?

npdnu 	Unknown plugin 	Research
Plugin Icon
npdnupdater2 	Unknown plugin 	Research
Plugin Icon
Plugin Icon
Facebook Plugin
Provides additional functionality on Facebook. See our web site for details. 	Unknown plugin 	Research
Plugin Icon
RealPlayer Version Plugin 	Unknown plugin 	Research
Plugin Icon
RealNetworks(tm) RealPlayer Chrome Background Extension Plug-In (32-bit)
RealNetworks(tm) RealPlayer Chrome Background Extension Plug-In 	Unknown plugin 	Research
Plugin Icon
RealJukebox NS Plugin
RealJukebox Netscape Plugin 	Unknown plugin 	Research
Plugin Icon
Google Update
Google Update 	Unknown plugin

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Have you tried the "Add-Ons" window?

  • Go to "Tools"
  • Click "Add-ons"
  • Wait sometimes the Add-ons manager takes a while
  • Try deleting them

Do you get an error? What happens?

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I went to the add-on's tool bar and I have three add-ons that are now working and four that are grayed out and don't have any button that allows for them to be deleted.

These are the grayed out ones: One is from Hewlett Packard regarding printing but my printer works fine so I'm not concerned about it.

The other one says Java Console 6.02 which is incompatible with Firefox 7.0 so that's disabled but there's no way to delete it.

Next is microsoft.Net Framework assistant 0.0.0 and that's disabled and the only other choice is enable.

Last there's RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin 14.03 and it shows that it's incompatible with Firefox 7.0

Could those be what's causing Firefox to continually show a popup that Firefox is using too much memory and to restart it?

OR maybe the problem is caused by plug-ins??

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P.S. I forgot to thank you!!! THANKS!!!  :)

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Plugins which are disabled shouldn't cause any problems with Firefox.

Since plugins aren't installed directly into Firefox in most cases and were installed by other programs, Firefox doesn't provide an uninstall button on the plugins manager.

Are you sure that message about Firefox using too much memory is coming from Firefox?? That sounds like it may be from a security program (maybe AVG or Norton), which is acting like a "nanny" for memory, and IMO not being realistic about how much is too much, especially if you aren't noticing any problem with memory usage your self.

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Hi Edmeister, I found the plugins on a Firefox web page. I'll double check to see if it's a Firefox popup or a virus protection program. Either way, I have 4 gigs of RAM so I'm puzzled as to why I'd get that message!

My windows task manager shows that Firfox takes up 720,00 K and the plugin-container uses 520,000 (approximately). How does that sound to you?

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Not bad when you have 4 GB of RAM. Postings about those silly warnings have just seemed to start over the last 2 or 3 months, IIRC. I think it's been related to AVG and maybe Norton or McAfee, but it is probably something new that a security suite just added.

I only have 2 GB with WinXP 32-bit and I have seen over 800,000K for firefox.exe and maybe 400,000K for plugin-container, before I get a slowdown - but the Avira-free AV program I run doesn't have that silly feature, which is one reason why I use it. I keep the Task Manager minimized all the time and just maximize it to kill the plugin-container processes that might be slowing things down.

I block all plugins from running automatically using NoScript, so I don't have multiple presentations running as soon as the page loads. Flash and Java only run when I start them, so I don't seem to have the amount of problems that some other users have with the plugin-container.

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I found the program that sends the popups about not having enough memory. It's AVG the virus protection program. With 4 megs of RAM I think I'll just ignore the popup.

I tried NoScript I think but then had to delete it. Some of these addons are just too time consuming to figure out. Computers fixing isn't supposed to taking up an inordinate amount of time IMO .. it's a tool rather than a way of life -- at least I keep telling myself that. lol