Upgraded to Firefox 19 on my iMac and got Malaware/Depslear-B and I can't get rid of it. Can you help me?

I up-graded my Firefox to Firefox 19, on my iMac, and when I went to log on to my work's e-mail, I found out that I was the target of Malaware/Depslear-B according to Sophos which I downloaded with the approval of my work IT guy. The problem is that Sophos is not working correctly so now I can't get the malaware out. This situation is only taking place while I'm in Firefox. When I use Safari, nothing appears to be impacted by the Malaware/Depslear-B issue. If I go to through my Parallels and operate in the Microsoft world, there are no problem either. This issue seems to take place in Firefox when using the mac side of things. So far each time I try to link up to an HTTPS weblink, I get the following message, "Connecting to" Why would an HTTPS page want to link to ""?

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