how do I adjust zoom increments in Firefox

The increments between zoom levels are too large for me. I'd like to have finer control between levels. Using FF 18.0.2. Winxppro.

Ive gone to a couple of tutorials

..done everything described to-the-letter, to no avail. Nothing I've done seems to change the zoom parameters at all. What am I missing?

At first I only wanted to make the zoom increments finer on webpages and was uncertain that it was a winxppro adjustment or a firefox adjustment. about:config sounds reasonable since it has fairly explicit values to change in the directory such as toolkit.zoomManager.zoomValues zoom.minPercent zoom.maxPercent

But I changed those values, and just to make sure they were having no affect I changed them very dramatically, and nothing changed.

It is not mentioned in the tutorials either that there are apparrantly only 13 increments/values available for zoom adjustment. So making finer adjustments comes with a trade off (even if I could get the values to 'stick'). If you want 13 much finer values for better control over fine zoom adjustments you have inevitably have to tighten way up on the min/max zoom extents.

Can anyone help me further with this? Do I need to start/restart firefox each time I make an adjustment to the values in about:config? Never had a need to before for anything in there.

Thanks Brad

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