posted by 2CV67 5 years ago
Firefox (but not Chromium) causes problems in Blogger

For some years, I have been posting to Blogger via Firefox in XP then in Ubuntu.

Typically, I compose posts in a simple text editor (Notepad or Leafpad) to avoid formatting complications with word-processors (like Word, OOWriter or LibO Writer) & to remove formatting from bits copied from other websites. Then I copy-paste into Blogger, then upload images & place them where required in the text, either by inserting where required or by drag/dropping. Recently, that started to fail and uploaded images stay stuck at the top of the post & cannot be drag/dropped inside the text.

I get the same result using FF 18.0.1 & Leafpad & Ubuntu 12.04 as when using FF 12.0 & Notepad & XP. Everything works perfectly using Chromium & Leafpad & Ubuntu 12.04. Everything works perfectly if I write the text directly in Blogger instead of passing via a text editor, but that is a non-starter.

A long discussion on Blogger Help Forum has not produced any explanation or solution, other than using Chromium. I tried disabling all FF addons with no success. I tried removing all Blogger widgets etc, with no success.

Is there any way to get FF working (again) as well as Chromium in this respect?


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