Taco can't be removed from 17.0.1 Constant "Abine initialization error" pop-ups.

I installed 17.0.1 soon after it was released. Worked fine; worked fine yesterday.

Today when I start 17.0.1 a window pops up "Abine initialization error Please close Internet Explorer (sic!) to complete initialization. Cancel to continue initialization later. [Cancel] [OK]"

OK button closes window and pops up another: "Abine initialization cancelled Restart FireFox (sic) to complete initialization and use Abine."

Cancel button pops up first window again. After a few of these, the second window is popped up instead.


Tools Add-ons Taco Disable, followed by Remove gets the grey bar with the text saying that Taco has been removed. Exiting and restarting Firefox repeats the behavior above.

Against your advice, I tried installing 16.0.2 over 17.01. 16.0.2 now crashes every time. I have reinstalled 17.0.1 Behavior is as above.


I suggest that, once this problem is solved, Mozilla reexamine the approval of add-ons from Abine. This is not the first time that Abine has arranged to have a Firefox add-in that can not be removed.

Cordially, Joaquin

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