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looking for a 'view link target source' context menu item

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I'm looking for a 'view link target source' context menu item.

I often open listings of servers' directories; they can include direct links to code files (*.py , *.pl, etc). When I click them directly, I'm asked to open them with an external editor which is not what I want to do; I want to view those files source inside of Firefox. I currently have to

  1. right-click those links,
  2. copy link location,
  3. type "view-source:" in the Location bar,
  4. paste the copied URL,
  5. click Go.

This gets time-consuming with the large amount of URLs I need to open.

It's not a native feature for Firefox and a search at AMO didn't come up with anything useful, for me at least.

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(Not relevant for the question; it's a question about a feature.)