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Email folders not sychronising correctly

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Hi I've just moved over to Thunderbird from Outlook for my yahoo mail using the IMAP mail server settings. However, I'm having a problem where the email folders are not staying synchronised correctly, even though all of the account sychronisation settings are turned on (as they were by default).

The problem occurred when I use another device such as my phone or web mail to move emails to another folder. For example, I receive an email which I see appear into my inbox on Thunderbird. I then use my phone to move that email to a folder called "Work related". I then go back to Thunderbird and I can see that the email has now correctly appeared in the "Work related" folder but it's also still showing in the inbox. I.e. I have 2 copied of it, one in the inbox and another in the "Work related" folder according to Thunderbird! I check this via webmail which confirms that the email has been moved corrrectly, so Thunderbird shouldn't be showing it in the inbox.

I've tried clicking "Get Messages" to get it to update but it does nothing. I've tried clicking to other folders and back again, but it doesn't change or update. The only methods that I found which work are to either close Thunderbird and reopen it (it this case the email shows up initially in the inbox but quickly disappear as Thunderbird refreshes), or to right-click on the inbox, go to properties and "repair" the folder (a pain because it takes a while on the larger folders).

Same thing happens moving things between other folders if I do it on another device. I have to keep restarting Thunderbird to get it to show correctly! Using Outlook it was always handled correctly, but I want to move over to an open source solution.

Thanks in advance, Steve

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