X-Ray Goggles

Learn how to inspect the code behind every webpage.

  • How to Install X-Ray Goggles Installing X-Ray Goggles is easy. You can then poke around on any web page and transform it into your own creation! Here's how.
  • What is X-Ray Goggles X-Ray Goggles allow you to see the building blocks that make up websites on the internet, and then remix them into new creations.
  • Am I really hacking a web page? Understand the difference between hacking with X-Ray Goggles, where you fork a copy of a webpage, versus the general term "hacking" where you break into a page.
  • Inspecting and remixing your first web page X-Ray Goggles lets you poke around the elements of a web page and remix them into new creations. Learn how to swap images, text, and more.