Superheroes Wanted!

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Thank you for your interest in being a SUMO (our nickname comes from our URL, contributor! You are only three small steps away from joining the ranks of our amazing volunteer support community dedicated to helping people get the most out of Firefox. All that's left to do is to create an account and pick a way to get involved.

1. Create an account

Creating an account gives you access to answering questions and editing articles, and will let us keep track of and give you credit for your contributions.

2. Review the Contributor News & Resources

The SUMO Contributor News & Resources will answer any questions you have about being a contributor.

3. Pick one of these great ways to get involved!

Join our Army of Awesome

Love Firefox and just have a few moments to help? Help other Firefox users on Twitter. It's fun and addictive. Good things will come to those who tweet!

Answer questions on the Support Forum

Another fast and easy way to help! Share your knowledge of Firefox by pointing people to the right help articles and providing troubleshooting steps for their individual questions. Currently, we are particularly looking for people with access to Firefox on Android and Firefox Home.

Help with Live Chat

The most social way to contribute - help by chatting directly with users of Firefox. You can guide users through documentation and tackle new issues, all with the real-time assistance of the SUMO community.

Improve the Knowledge Base

If you like to write or teach, improving the articles in the Knowledge Base is great way to help thousands of people each week. Currently we are looking for contributors to proof read the English KB and Reviewers for Linux.

Localize Mozilla Support

Make the Knowledge Base available in your language and help us make Firefox support global! Currently we are looking for a Finnish and a Swedish localizer.