Manage local site storage settings

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Please update your version of Firefox for the latest features and security updates.
Some websites have the ability to store information, such as files, in your local storage, and these files can only be removed manually by you. This helps the website run faster and prevents information from being lost if you lose your connection.

Firefox shows you how much space is being used and lets you manage these settings to free up space. You can access these options through the Preferences panel:

  1. Click the menu button New Fx Menu Fx57Menu and choose Options.Preferences.
  2. Select the Privacy & Security panel and go to the Cookies and Site DataSite Data section.
Fx60Settings-CookiesAndSiteData Fx59Privacy&Security-SiteData

Delete site storage for individual domains

  1. In the Preferences panel (shown above), click Manage Data…Settings…. You'll see a list of sites and how much information each is storing on your computer.
  2. Click the site you want to remove and click Remove Selected (or Remove All if you want to remove everything).
  3. Click Save Changes to finish.

Clear all information

  1. In the Preferences panel (shown above), click Clear Data.
  2. Put a check mark next to the type of information you want to clear: Cookies and Site Data (logins and site preferences) and Cached Web Content (stored images and content).
Warning! This will remove all site data, including cookies that store site preferences and login status for websites.
  1. In the Preferences panel (shown above), click Clear All Data. A Clear all cookies and site data window will open.
  2. Click the Clear Now button.

Allowing or blocking websites from storing information

You can set up Firefox to always allow or block specific sites from storing information. You can also allow a site to store only for a single session.

  1. In the Preferences panel, click Exceptions.
  2. Type in the exact address of the site you want to allow or block, or select the site if it's already on the list.
  3. Click Block, Allow for Session or Allow.
  4. Click Save Changes to finish.