Getting Started with Popcorn

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Add media

Your media is the audio/visual backbone of your Popcorn project. It is the primary source of your web remix.

You can add media from web services such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, The Internet Archive, or your own self hosted HTML5 video.

To add media into your Popcorn timeline:


  • Open up the designated clip in your web browser and copy the URL at the top of the address bar.
  • Add it to Popcorn Maker’s media gallery by selecting the popcorn media tab tab and pasting in the clip’s URL. Hit the popcorn create clip button button.
  • Drag the clip to your timeline where you want it to begin.

Now you’re ready to start adding events.

Add events

Events are the visual and interactive elements that you add on top of your media clips. They are the “pop” to your popcorn.

Events can include images, text, street maps, 3D drawings, pauses, skips, loops, and wikipedia articles.

To add an event to your timeline

  • Go to the Popcorn events tab tab in Popcorn Maker and drag the event you want into your timeline.
  • Select the event to edit its properties on the right side pane. This is where you change things like the image, font, size, and other attributes.

Publish and share

When you’re ready to publish, make sure you are signed in and hit the Popcorn save button button.

You now have a link to your project that you can share in the popcorn project tab tab. You’ll also want to get your project noticed by:

  • Adding a description
  • Adding some tags
  • Adding a preview thumbnail

Also, don’t forget to give your project a title at the top!

Level up your skills

Pick up some tips and tricks for working fast and template ideas for making your projects hum.

Cool features you may not have noticed

  • You can select portions of a media clip to be used in your project by selecting the clip from your timeline and adjusting the gray slider in the clip editor to change the in/out points.
  • You can make an instant image slideshow from Flickr by selecting the clip and changing the dropdown from "Single Image" to "Flickr Slideshow."
  • You can turn off the audio or video of a media clip by selecting the clip and hitting the off switch in the clip editor on the right pane. This comes in handy for using music or voiceovers from YouTube.
  • You can add Google Streetview for your viewers to interact with. Select the Googlemap event and change the Map Type to "Street View."
  • You can add 3D models for your viewers to interact with by adding a 3D model event from the events menu and pasting in a URL from Your viewers can rotate the model during playback by clicking and dragging it with their mouse.
  • You can resize media clips on the stage by selecting the clip and dragging the handles.
  • You can add multiple clips, but do note there are performance limitations that will slow down your project.
  • You can use private videos from YouTube as long as you have the URL.

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