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Get started with Firefox

Getting started w/ Firefox? Here are some tips & tricks for getting the most out of it:

Learn about the Australis redesign

New Firefox is fast & customizable! Learn more here:

Common Australis questions

Thanks for upgrading to the new Firefox! Got questions? We have answers:

Using and customizing Firefox

Restore the old Firefox design

Firefox is customizable. If you prefer the old design, switching back is easy:

Bring back Add-on bar on Australis

Want your add-on bar back? Follow these steps to restore it:

Customize the toolbar and menu on Australis

The new Firefox lets you customize your toolbars and controls. Learn how to make Firefox all yours:

Search engine

Firefox lets you pick a favorite search engine. See here for instructions:

Zoom feature

Firefox's zoom feature lets you increase the size of webpages. Try it!


Save and manage your favorite sites easily on Firefox. Here's how:

Tab Groups

Heard about Tab Groups? They organize your tabs, eliminating clutter. Try it

Try Firefox Sync

Have you tried the new Firefox Sync? It saves open tabs, passwords, bookmarks, & history on all your computers. Try it

Still on old Firefox Sync?

It sounds like you're still using old Firefox Sync. New Firefox Sync is much easier - no device codes needed:

Fixing problems

Cache and Cookies

Many site issues can be caused by corrupt cookies or cache. Try clearing your browser history by following these instructions:


We're sorry to hear that Firefox keeps crashing. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you fix the problem.

Starting in safe mode

Not sure if your add-ons or extensions are causing problems? Starting Firefox in Safe Mode can help you isolate the issue. See these instructions.

Uninstall extensions

You can easily uninstall an extension if it's causing problems. Learn more here.

Disable hardware acceleration

Try disabling your hardware acceleration to see if that solves your problem. Here's how:

Open configuration

Changing your advanced settings is risky, but if you must do it, type "about:config" in the location bar. Read the warning message carefully, then proceed if needed.

Create a screenshot

In order to better assist you, please create a screenshot of your problem and attach it to your reply. This link will show you how to take a screenshot:

Turning off automatic updates

Automatic updates keep Firefox safe and secure. Turning them off poses a security risk, but if you must see this link for instructions:

Reset Firefox

Resetting Firefox should easily fix most problems. See this link for instructions:


Your problem might be caused by malware. This article will help you identify common malware symptoms and show you how to get rid of it.


Visit this site to see if your plugins are up to date. Follow the recommendations to ensure that Firefox runs smoothly.

Flash issues

The following article shows you how to troubleshoot or update your Flash plugin so you can view videos and animation:

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