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New update causes Firefox to not react until clicking out the window, forcing the options drop down menu to be in front of all other programs and more

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I am on Mac. The newest update (74.0.1) caused my Firefox to do a bunch of errors i'll list here:

   - the line with the three dots (close, hide, enlarge) is not existant
   - the adress bar does not show that input can be received (blinking line) when clicking it
   - things that wont work until i click outside the window of firefox (e.g. onto the finder)
       - the adress bar wont receive typed input
       - the adress bar does not load websites
       - tabs wont open when clicking on their symbol in the list on top
       - bookmarks sidebar wont open
       - bookmarks sidebar wont show scrolling
       - bookmark wont open when clicked
       - bookmark wont show menu for "opening in new tab" etc. and when it does it does not react at all
       - a new tab wont be created
       - in the settings (when opened by the symbol line up on the screen) nothing can be activated or deactivated and no other settings menu can be opened
       - the options drop down menu wont open (from the three lines on the right)
   - the options drop down menu wont close after being opened and is in the foreground of every other program (even when firefox would be obscured by them)
   - addon drop down menus wont open at all
   - if i open a new tab from a window (e.g. from a search engine), it wont be created in the tablist at all

but if a website is opened correctly, everything inside it works fine. also the window is freely movable on the screen (without any lags) and closing firefox works as fast as normal

thanks in advance for any help

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