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Sites using flash player make Mozilla Firefox browser freeze.

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Sometime in the past 3 months, when I use Replay Poker's site almost every time, or occasionally when I use Angry Birds Friends on Facebook in Mozilla (both use flash), and leave a poker table or the ABF game, it freezes my Mozilla browser. When using Replay's site this happens 8-10 times out of 10. With ABF, it happens 1 out of every 5-6 times I use it. I am unable to click on or in the browser window, and cannot close the browser with the x at the upper right of the window. The only thing that works at that point is to hold my mouse over my Mozilla icon in the taskbar, and when the small window icons pop up, I can close them using the x on the small icon. What seems to reset the browser is if I have two or more tabs open, and click the upper-right x while mouse hovering over the taskbar icon, getting the "close multiple tabs?" warning. If I click no, then the browser usually seems to reset and start operating normally again. Though, sometimes that still does not allow me to open a new flash window, so I have to completely close Mozilla and restart it again. I have noted a couple other mentions of this problem, but have yet to find a solution that works.

My graphic card drivers are updated. I am using the most updated version of Flash as well.

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When I run Mozilla in Safe Mode, and get to the actual poker table screen, I get a small button that says click to run flash player, and when I click it, it brings me to Adobe download page to download Adobe (versus in regular mode when I get a large lego-looking piece in the middle that says run flash, click it, then it works).

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So, did the browser freeze in Safe Mode?

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I didn't run it. Should I have to load flash player onto my computer again in safe mode? That didn't seem right to me, so I am not sure if it freezes or not.

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Flash player should be available for Firefox normal or Safe Mode.

Start your Computer in safe mode with network support. Then start Firefox. Try Secure websites. Is the problem still there?

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