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On screen keyboard no longer pops on Surface with FF 77.0.1

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After upgrading to FF 77.0.1, the on screen keyboard (OSK) no longer pops up when touching input fields. Not on websites and not in the FF search box. This occurs on 2 Surface devices - a Pro5 and a Go - both at current Windows updates. Both have been using prior FF versions happily for some time. Manual start of the keyboard does allow keyboard entry (it's just a nuisance).

The about:config OSK settings show:

ui.osk.debug.keyboardDisplayReason is showing "AIOSKIDM: failed reading value of regkey."

True for ui.osk.detect_physical_keyboard and ui.osk.enabled False for ui.osk.require_win10 No value for ui.osk.on_screen_keyboard_path

Any ideas of what to try?

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Lately scammers have been posting   (mainly in threads where no reply has been posted yet),   claiming to be Mozilla experts and asking users to either call a so-called toll-free phone number or giving them a link to a site, where they are promised to get expert help.
These posts of course are scams.
Hopefully informing you about this will scare them off and you won't see such scam post.


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I resolved the problem by going to Windows Settings -> Typing -> Touch Keyboard

The 'Show the Touch Keyboard when not in tablet mode ..." was enabled as it should be.

But, toggling it off and then back on allowed Firefox to popup the osk as it did before. This problem started for me on a couple machines when upgrading to FF 77.0.1. Perhaps toggling the option changed how the value is stored in the registry? In any event, I'm happy FF is working well again.


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