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Low resolution of Google Image Search results in Firefox Android

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I'm new to Android, and I've noticed that Firefox brings up lower resolution Google Image search results in comparison to the same image search on Chrome for Android. When I click on an image result in Firefox it gives me the option of going through a low resolution slide show of all the image results, or clicking to see a single full size image. But that takes me out of the slide show, and then I have to backtrack to continue on with the low resolution slide show.

Chrome allows you to see the full resolution images within a slide show, allowing you to swipe from one full res image to the next.

Is there a way to get a slide show of the full size image results in Firefox Android without having to jump through all the hoops to see the full size images?

So far this is the only drawback I've seen with Firefox Android. I would much rather use it vs. Chrome because of Firefox's ability to use plug ins, especially adblock plus.

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Sorry to say that in current versions you will never be able to see full size image in slide show

      You need to click on view full size
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That's unfortunate, and very disappointing. I can't believe the folks at Mozilla think people want to look at sub par image searches.

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Firefox displays the content sent to it by Google. If there is an issue with the content then Google would need to fix it.

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Perhaps I didn't write my post clearly enough. A Google image search on Chrome produces image results (via slideshow) of superior quality than an identical slideshow on Firefox. Your answer implies that Google sends higher resolution images to Chrome than it does to Firefox. I find that hard to believe.

Chrome apparently renders its Google image search slideshows using full size images, while Firefox does not. Rather than providing the full size images within a slideshow, Firefox seems to use lower resolution thumbnails, then forces you to click on a "Full-size image" button for each image that you want to see clearly. I was hoping there was a way around that.

My original question was if there was a way to increase the quality of the slideshow results in Firefox so you don't have to click on the image to open it up at full res., then backtrack to get back into the slideshow, then do the same thing all over again for each and every image you want to see clearly in full size. On Firefox you have to do all these extra steps that you don't have to do in Chrome. So, based on the answers so far I guess I guess that's just the way it is and there's no way around it.

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The site that Google is sending to Google Chrome is completely different than the one Firefox gets from Google.

Browsers display the content web servers send to them. If the web server sends garbage then there is nothing the web browser can do to fix it.

The only thing we and users can do is to lobby the owner of the web server to provide good content. We have a team of people who try to improve the state of mobile websites.