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FF29 has deactivated moving tabs to bottom

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FF29 has deactivated moving tabs to bottom - i.e. closer to work area, FORCING users to move the pointer farther to select a tab. about:config setting no longer works. Would someone please explain how removing this option is beneficial to users?

.... just more "we are smarted than you, and know better than you what is best for you" elitist crap.

And don't tell me to use an extension, they come and go, don't work after updates, etc.

Moderator locking this thread. The thread Owner never returned and this thread has strayed off-topic too often. I think users needing Firefox 29 support would be better served by starting their own Questions thread.

FF29 has deactivated moving tabs to bottom - i.e. closer to work area, FORCING users to move the pointer farther to select a tab. about:config setting no longer works. Would someone please explain how removing this option is beneficial to users? .... just more "we are smarted than you, and know better than you what is best for you" elitist crap. And don't tell me to use an extension, they come and go, don't work after updates, etc. ''Moderator locking this thread. The thread Owner never returned and this thread has strayed off-topic too often. I think users needing Firefox 29 support would be better served by starting their own Questions thread.''<br /> Ed

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You can move the Tab bar to the low position with code in userChrome.css as basically you only need to give the Tab bar a higher -moz-box-ordinal-group value (most toolbars have a default 1 to show them in DOM order).

Add code to the userChrome.css file below the default @namespace line.

@namespace url("http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul"); /* only needed once */


The customization files userChrome.css (user interface) and userContent.css (websites) are located in the chrome folder in the Firefox profile folder.

You can use this button to go to the currently used Firefox profile folder:

  • Help > Troubleshooting Information > Profile Directory: Show Folder (Linux: Open Directory; Mac: Show in Finder)
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I have tried typing about:config in location bar than typing browser.tabs.onTop in search. Then I double-clicked the browser.tabs.onTop preference to set its value to false. Nothing changed. I tried closing and reopening browser too. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

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Although I'm going to try to be more polite than WmOrt, I have got to say I'm not impressed with this mess.

This was a working feature that has been purposefully broken and now we have to play with code to fix it instead of changing a preference in about:config.

If Browser.Tabs.OnTop no longer works, why is it still in about:config????

This is NOT acceptable and needs to be fixed (that is make Browser.Tabs.OnTop WORK CORRECTLY) as soon as possible.

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Well... when you people break things, you really break them... sigh...

After creating a chrome folder in my profile, creating and saving the userChrome.css file in it and then restarting Firefox, the main toolbar is now sitting at the top of the Firefox window, UNDER the window control buttons... and the current page title (which is also the window title) is now missing. Please see the attached jpg.


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And, of course, Browser.Tabs.OnTop STILL doesn't work.... After toggling to True and restarting, the tabs are still on the bottom.

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Oh.... I see now.... Mozilla has done a really stupid thing: I just disabled the new css file and restarted. The Firefox window has no title bar like it used to. The title bar is gone and the tab bar is at the top and nicely indented to avoid the window control buttons. The Firefox window is now as stupid as the Google Chrome window.

NOW, HOW DO I GET THE TITLE BAR BACK???? This is a useful thing and shouldn't have disappeared!!!!!!!!!! Why are you people making such a mess of the user interface????????????

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The Firefox browser used to be all about freedom. Freedom to choose how you wanted your browser to look, work and feel. Sadly that is no longer the case. We also no longer have the option of placeing the Reload arrow on the Left side of the screen, it is locked on the right side of the address bar! The forward and back buttons are also permanently locked to the adress bar, so much for choice!

Mozilla are increasingly caving in to Google and their demands. Why is there even a Chrome directory in Mozilla Firefox? Because Google pays a LOT of money to Mozilla to keep it's search engine as the default, among other things.

I use Linux Mint and there is no Chrome directory in my default user profile dir, so I CANT edit the file to change it! I wholeheartedly agree with MacEvansCB above, FIX the about:config feature so that it works like it is supposed to!

In my opinion, the reason they are forcing the tabs to the top is to implement the next Google inspired "feature", forced adds. Adds are MUCH more visible/annoying when they are the first thing you see. Most users have no clue what a .css file is or where it is located, let alone what it actually does or how to edit it. This way they can force-feed adds to people that can't do anything about it! Thanks Mozilla! Time to find a new browser folks!

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I did a support search for "tabs on top" and found the following:

Why was this Change Made?

The main reason is that it just makes more sense. With tabs underneath, the tab and the controls were grouped together and the page was separate. With tabs on top they are now all grouped together so that each tab has it's own set of controls.

This is however a personal preference and you can change it back and forth as you like.

It makes more sense???????? No it does NOT make more sense. What reason is there for each tab to have its own set of controls??? The toolbar and the bookmarks bar are THE SAME across all tabs!!!

I have downgraded back to Firefox v28 to get my window properly organized. Please see the attached jpg.

I don't care what the Mozilla developers think, THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO SEE: 1) A title bar for the current page; 2) the Toolbar; 3) the Bookmarks bar; 4) the Tab bar... IN THAT ORDER!!!

Further, see the button with the curly arrow in my jpg?? That's the STOP/RELOAD button. I use this all the time. I cannot find it in the v29 toolbar customize window. WHERE DID IT GO??????????

It really makes me angry that important parts of the user interface that I use every day just disappear!!!!!!!!!!

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Yeah, thanks, I saw that post earlier. I also despise the rounded look to the tabs, and the fact there is no border between them.

I'm sure am grateful that the Mozilla development team knows more about how I want my browser to look than I do! Perhaps they could come a redecorate my computer room too, I am sure I would prefer the décor they choose!

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Where did you go to get FF28? I'm a mac user and the FF29 is really screwed up my interface. I wish when FF does updates that they tell us what they're doing before we update. They fired the wrong CEO!!

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I did a search on "download firefox 28" and found a page that lists the website where all the older versions are stored:


I scrolled down to 28.0 folder, opened that, then opened the Mac folder, then selected 'en-US' and downloaded the dmg file there. Don't forget to turn off automatic updates in the preferences or you'll find yourself back in v29.

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Thanks I got FF28 and everything worked ok ... however, I forgot to change the auto update and it screwed me you again. I then try to change some settings and lost my entire profile somehow. Couldn't get any tabs to show up and etc. Screwed again! I wish they would tell us what they are updating. This really sucks. I do have a iMac laptop with my old settings and etc. So, now I'll have to learn how to sync the laptop to my desktop. All I wanted to do was get the tab from the top to bottom ... ugh!

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Gliss, as you discovered, the browser.tabs.onTop no longer exists. That part of Firefox has been removed.

I am aware of two options for moving the tab bar:

(1) A custom style rule. See: https://support.mozilla.org/questions/997279#answer-564103

(2) An extension. For example: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/classicthemerestorer/ (this is a comprehensive approach to returning the Firefox 28 style to Firefox 29, but may be more focused on Windows than Mac)

Hi Thagarr, there has been an optional chrome folder in your Firefox profile since the mid-80s, perhaps before. Long before Google decided to create its own browser. If it's missing, go ahead and create it. Note that it should be all lower case.

Or, to split the stop and reload buttons and move them, use the Classic Theme Restorer extension mentioned above.

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Hi zeetoe25, you shouldn't lose your entire profile, ever. Do you recall what you might have changed or moved? For assistance with that, it might make more sense to split off into a new thread.

https://support.mozilla.org/questions/new/desktop/fix-problems (scroll down past the suggestions if they are not relevant)

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I have tried everything mentioned and possible to move tabs from top to bottom. I used theme restorer 1.1.8 and it works great. It has more options to customize Fire Fox than 28 did or any other previous versions. I have no problems with any add-ons that were previously-installed before the upgrade to 29. I had 7 extensions and 16 plugins that still work fine after upgrade.

I still feel the upgrade is not up to par with the way Firefox previously coded there Browser. Why?? I do not understand the reasoning behind it. They will most likely loose many users, even though the other choice of browsers is limited. If the add-on theme restorer was not written, I would of tried another browser or would of gotten use to the tabs being on top and other little annoying changes for me. Think of it like Windows 8 , I still will not use it and uninstalled it while I was still beta testing it. Time will tell, I have been faithful to Mozilla from day one and hope I can until browsers are no longer used?? Thank You Aris for Theme Restorer !!!!

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The solution to move the tabs that cor-el gave near the top of this thread does work if done properly. But still FF29 doesn't have a window title bar.


I am struck by the similarity between FF29 and Google Chrome. They look identical. I'd be using Google Chrome except for the stupid way the bookmarks menu works: the main menu duplicates the bookmark bar and you have to maneuver to a sub menu to actually see your bookmarks. And, now, just like FF29, there is no window title bar.

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Well, a little searching in about:config turned up a titlebar switch. See the attached JPG. I now have everything looking the way it should.

1. Go to your Firefox profile folder.

2. Create a 'chrome' folder if there isn't one there.

3. Create a plain text file with the code in it that cor-el shows in his post near the top of this thread and save it into the chrome folder.

4. Go to about:config and switch Browser.Tabs.DrawinTitlebar to false.

Restart Firefox. Everything should now look as shown in the attached JPG. No need for another addon.

Now to try and find the STOP/RELOAD button.

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Found the stop/reload button.... :-)

Now placed at the right end of the address bar.

I am now somewhat happy with FF29, but what a mess getting here.

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You can look at the Classic Theme Restorer extension to restore some functionality that was lost with the arrival of the Australis style in Firefox 29.

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That's Awesome MacEvansCB! I've just given up for now on FF29. I'm sticking with FF28. I manually got everything back to normal with it ... but like you, we shouldn't have had to go through all this!

Thanks for keeping us update!

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