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When adding a new Bookmark, I cannot choose a new folder from the Dropdown to save to

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I am in the process of migrating over to Firefox from Chrome. But seem to have issues with Bookmarks (Not importing them, but just the simple action of adding a new bookmark and saving them to whatever folder I want to organize it into).. When I go to add a new Bookmark (clicking the Star Icon in the Address Bar), and I go to click the dropdown to choose a folder to where I want it saved, it always reverts back when I choose another folder.


1. Go to website

2. Click the Star Icon to add bookmark

3. The folder option is usually set to the most recent folder a Bookmark was previously added to.

4. Click the Folder dropdown (NOT the icon that shows all folders, but the actual dropdown) and select a new folder

5. As soon as I select a new folder (doesn't matter where), it reverts back to the folder it was set to (in Step 3).

The behavior seems to add the Bookmark to the location, but then does a "CTL+Z" (Undo so to speak), as seen when I try to add the new Bookmark to the Bookmarks Toolbar, I see it there for half a second before it reverts.

The only way for me to move the location of the bookmark where I want it saved is to:

1. Hit the button next to the Folders dropdown to Show All Bookmarks Folders and select the folder


2. In the Folders dropdown, select "Choose..." which does Step 1 in showing all the bookmarks folders.

If I restart Firefox, it will work, for the FIRST Bookmark I add. I can use the dropdown to save the Bookmark to whatever folder I choose. But any new bookmark after that, reverts to the problem behavior again.

I have tried to do a clean Install of Firefox (Uninstall Firefox, then Delete %AppData%/Roaming.Mozilla/Firefox and %AppData%/Local/Mozilla/Firefox folders respectively)

I have also disabled all extensions, and the behavior still persists (For reference I have the following extensions installed: 1Password, Alternate Player for Twitch, Clippings, Facebook Container, NoScript and uBlock Origin).

Not sure what other steps I can take?

(Is there a way for me to create a gif showing this behavior?)

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Are you possibly using Sync to sync the bookmarks as that can cause such weird behavior ?

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cor-el said

Are you possibly using Sync to sync the bookmarks as that can cause such weird behavior ?

oh wow, that was it. I have Sync turned on for everything including Bookmarks. Turned that off and it looks like it is working again.

But then I have to manually sync it now?

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You can Sync bookmarks, but possibly temporarily disconnect Sync if you notice weird behavior or if you want to do major changes to bookmarks.

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That seems like a terrible implementation of the Sync process. This isn't even "major" changes, just merely adding a new bookmark and saving it to the appropriate location. And yet somehow that throws the sync off completely like this is disheartening.

I can imagine if another Sync service like Dropbox operated like this, that it would make it unusable.

Okulungisiwe ngu whiteazn

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What other devices are you using with that Sync account? Perhaps Firefox for iOS or Firefox for Android? IOW, smart phone versions of Firefox.

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the-edmeister said

What other devices are you using with that Sync account? Perhaps Firefox for iOS or Firefox for Android? IOW, smart phone versions of Firefox.

I do have it on Android phone, Firefox v68.5.0.

I also have it on my work computer which is running 67.0.2

So total of 3 devices, my computer (current), work, and phone.

But even if I disconnect from my work and phone, problem still persists.

edit: On my work computer running the older version 67.0.2, it works fine. I can save the bookmark and change the folder and it saves to that new folder. It is slightly different in that whenever I add a new bookmark, it always defaults to the "Other Bookmarks" folder (where on the newest version on my computer, defaults to the folder I last saved a bookmark to). But obviously not a problem

Okulungisiwe ngu whiteazn

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That's about all I have for you. My gut suspicion is on Firefox for Android as being the potential cause, based upon user reports over the last 4 years or so about issues with Sync wanting to have its own way. No way for me to experience or "test" my hypothesis as I don't use Firefox on a smart phone, and really don't rely upon Sync.

But then again I don't use the 'stoopid' "save this page as a bookmark" features inside Firefox. The few times that I save a new bookmark I use the "drag'n'drop" method to either the Bookmarks Toolbar or into the Bookmarks Sidebar. Been doing that since like either Firefox 3.0 or so - definitely since Firefox 4.0 when Mozilla started changing the saving of bookmarks with almost every UI change along with messing with the menu system for bookmarks. As with Firefox 4.0, then with 29.0, and again with 57.0.