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Immediate crash for,,, plugin check page

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Hi all,

I'm on a Mac Mini running 10.9.5 and Firefox 34.0.5 (which is the latest for my system, as of this writing). I'd been running Firefox without issues for a long time, but a few days ago I started it up and found that trying to reach the following sites all result in an immediate crash: 1) (looks like it crashes once it redirects to 2) 3) 4)

I'm finding that each of these addresses will cause Google Chrome to revert to its "Aw Snap!" error message — but Safari will display all of them without any problem.

Here are some things I've tried to solve this: 1) zapped PRAM, reset SMC, ran Apple Hardware Test, repaired disk permissions; 2) COMPLETELY uninstalled Firefox and all associated files/preferences, then started over with a completely new profile; 3) completely uninstalled both Flash and Java, then reinstalled them (I do need Java, unfortunately); 4) ran Firefox in Safe Mode, which doesn't solve the problem; 5) did a whole bunch of things to ensure that all the fonts on my system are valid, and are where they need to be

The only thing that's worked so far is to restart my Mac in Safe Boot Mode, and that plus the fact that these sites crash Firefox and Chrome but not Safari are my only clues... I just don't know what to make of them.

Anyone have any ideas? Something all those sites have in common maybe?

Okulungisiwe ngu SetTheRay

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Crash reports located under System Details;

Report ID: bp-6dcfa246-964f-42c6-b0e5-877852141209 Submitted: 33 minutes ago Report ID: bp-11cbe057-25e0-4da6-b16a-ac7722141209 Submitted: 1 hour ago Report ID: bp-52de288b-f8dd-4105-80dc-4c1e02141209 Submitted: 3 hours ago Report ID: bp-bd30bd26-d5fb-443d-a90f-a01ab2141209 Submitted: 3 hours ago Report ID: bp-e8d7e7c2-1578-465c-adbb-c53a32141209 Submitted: 3 hours ago Report ID: bp-5623fdff-1857-4150-92e2-138432141208 Submitted: 1 day ago

All Crash Reports (including 126 pending crashes in the given time range) Extensions

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Some of your crash reports weren’t sent to the Mozilla Servers.

In the address bar, type about:crashes<enter>. Note: If any reports do not have BP in front of the numbers, click it and select Submit.

Using your mouse, mark the most resent 7 - 10 crash reports, and copy them. Now go to the reply box below and paste them in.

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The crash reports flagged these programs;



libobjc.A.dylib =

libsystem_kernel.dylib =

libdispatch.dylib =

libsystem_pthread.dylib =



I've called the big guys to help you. Good luck.

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Thanks; I didn't submit most of the reports simply because there are hundreds—I'd change one minor thing about my system, try to reach, and wait for the crash, then try something else. But I've gone to about:crashes as you requested. Clicking on each changes the link to one that starts with bp, and forwards me to—really hope I don't have to wait for the report to load there before the report is officially submitted, because I'd be here all day doing that for each one.

Here are the most recent reports: bp-10049e80-bd61-4a86-b1ac-e93b32141210 12/10/14 9:54 AM bp-0560b29a-d347-4531-a5ab-f8ec72141210 12/10/14 9:54 AM bp-c058b29f-bc24-444f-8328-f682c2141210 12/10/14 9:54 AM bp-1a0cb409-ff73-4d72-9d10-f93c32141210 12/10/14 9:54 AM bp-c53299b6-4c23-4ab8-911a-431062141210 12/10/14 9:54 AM bp-8818c698-f22e-4369-9ae7-f7f252141210 12/10/14 9:54 AM bp-f2bd1571-ccda-4a13-9d5f-b17932141210 12/10/14 9:54 AM bp-e00c41f2-1153-4482-b028-f41e82141210 12/10/14 9:54 AM bp-177a8e64-1dbc-4441-b2c8-bfce62141210 12/10/14 9:54 AM bp-95dcbf26-92f6-4e23-9096-38b992141210 12/10/14 9:54 AM

I hope that's useful; let me know if I need to copy and paste the link to each report. Thanks very much for your help!

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Oh, one other thing I've discovered, which may or may not be useful: in addition to being able to reach those pages in Firefox if I boot my Mac in Safe Boot Mode, I'm also able to reach them if I create a new user account (on the Mac; I don't mean a new profile in Firefox). Same copy of Firefox, same other programs running, same Java and Flash, etc., etc., but a new Firefox profile.

If I create a new profile in my existing Mac user account—or even completely uninstall Firefox, including all preferences and application helpers and so on and so forth, and *then* reinstall with a new profile—no joy.

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Those crash reports are all the same. Let's try this;

For now, ONLY create a new profile. Then use it and see if there are problems.

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I've tried that before with no luck, but I just ran through the steps again; still no luck. Here's my latest crash.


Appreciate you looking into this. When you say you've called the big guys to help me...who are the big guys? Is there somewhere else I should be seeking help on this?

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You can check for corrupted and duplicate fonts and other font issues:

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Thanks, folks. I installed ClamXav and scanned my whole system; no problems found.

Cor-el, I had followed those guides before, but I do get the feeling this all has something to do with a font problem. I'm going to follow those guides again, then do some fiddling with my font management software (Suitcase Fusion 6) and see if I can resolve whatever's going on here. I suspect there's an issue with Suitcase activating fonts that are conflicting with the base system fonts.

I'll let you know on Monday how it's going!

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Okay, so I followed cor-el's font guides again, then removed ALL my fonts from Suitcase Fusion 6 and added them back in, making sure to remove anything that Suitcase said might be a problem font. Suitcase comes with an application called Font Doctor that checks for problem/duplicate fonts, and it found that I had multiple versions of Arial installed. It removed the duplicates.

And now I'm able to get a LITTLE further into the gmail sign-in process. Firefox used to crash when trying to reach this page:

It can now load that page! When it begins to load, I see some text saying something like "You are using a version of Internet Explorer that gmail no longer supports" -- I am definitely using Firefox here -- but then that text disappears when the page fully loads.

When I click "Sign In" on that page, though, I still get an immediate crash.

The sign-in page now loads without an issue. The Firefox plug-in check page also now loads without an issue.

I think, in conclusion, that this is definitely a font issue, and I still have to weed out something that's causing gmail to crash, but at least I'm getting closer!

Here are my last few crashes, if they're helpful: bp-30346aed-bcf6-4c3c-b287-250a72141215 12/15/14 10:06 AM bp-8fb45bb6-6545-425c-95c8-b96872141215 12/15/14 9:52 AM bp-5a7dd077-b385-485e-9b2d-f0a252141215 12/15/14 9:51 AM bp-6e2fef1b-a9fa-4ddb-bbea-e5df82141215

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The crash report flagged these programs;










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Hi Fred, please do not get confused by flagged content on the crash report site as there is usually no problem with the file. The crash reporter side just doesn't have symbols for the file and shows generic data.

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FredMcD said

The crash report flagged these programs; libsystem_info.dylib HIToolbox libdispatch.dylib AppKit libobjc.A.dylib CoreText libsystem_kernel.dylib libsystem_pthread.dylib CoreFoundation

New information ! ! All the above programs look to be part of Word for Mac (Microsoft) I don't know if these articles can help. complete removal of Office 2008

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Hmm. I appreciate the information, and I do have Word 2011 for Mac (including the rest of the Office suite), but I cannot remove it. This is a work computer and I need Office to do my job.

All I can think of is that maybe the problem relates to one of the fonts Word installs, but even that is strange -- Firefox and Word were set up on this computer on the same day, and it was weeks before Firefox suddenly stopped being able to reach the websites I mentioned in my original post. Still, I'll try messing around with removing those fonts temporarily to see if something got corrupted.

Thanks again -- I'll update when I've had time to do some more troubleshooting.

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Do you have a tech there for the computers?

Try to re-install those programs.